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Found 2 results


    A poll designed to gain a rough overview of people's future intentions regarding drugs.
  2. First off, let me introduce myself, my name is SpeedisHere (obviously). I live in the United States of ughhhhh Texas . I have been playing games most of my life. I started with Call of Duty Black Ops and then found out how much Xbox sucked (PC Master Race). I then got a computer and bought Farming simulator.... don't ask why. I collect games to play with my friends now and stumbled upon this beautiful beast, IDENTITY!!!! and now i am getting glasses because I have been stalking the forums 24/7 for the release date of the First Module. That's about it about me. Ohhhhhh, wait, wait, Which one should I buy ? the $60 or $90 one I have been debating on which one to buy, some wisdom would be pretty sexy.