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  1. Not essentially true considering Police ARE swat.... SWAT teams are just made up of a roster of the best police officers from a department. ALSO depending on the operation SWAT can be the first to respond . I am not being rude, harden up if thats "rude" then what has everyonr else been putting up with. 2. I shall post how I like.
  2. Roleplay.co.uk

    Hi guys, Anyone from RPUK here? Im PC Jumper [EA379] btw...
  3. Disbanded.

    DUDE its PC Jumper from RPUK. haha
  4. Police Structure

    I am a police officer on a UK roleplay Altis Life Arma 3 server with the rank of Police Constable. I would like to know if police roles here need to be whitelisted (I think they should) and that when a police officer you must have rules against illegal actions off duty. There must be an Academy to conduct tests on training officers. There must be specialized units such as: Armed Response (SWAT), Drug/Crime/Undercover (FBI), Aircraft unit, MPO (Marine Policing Operations) boats. Contabularies (or in US - Departments). - So a whatever the city is named (eg.new york) the department would be New York Police Department (NYPD). Have about 4 general departments for different areas, 1 road traffic unit and state police. Once an officer is out of training he can choose a general department (area) and if he would like to join either Road Traffic Unit, State Police or the Academy he must do further tests and be observed by said departments. In order to join a specialized unit you must do tests, attend routine patrols with said units and attend trainings. In order to join the police force you must send in an application and Academy accept/deny these applications.
  5. I dont see how im being rude? I am passing on my knowledge if you dont like it then just dont reply. A
  6. Anyway in cases such as DEA or a Detective etc thats a complete other job but SWAT are always regular police officers who are picked for the SWAT team....
  7. No guys, im stating real life so not sure if its in the game but: Regular police officers are part of the SWAT teams. When a call comes in (and no swat dont act as personal guards) SWAT team will report back and gear up while regular officers respond and wait for the SWAT team. This is how it should work.
  8. Why Is identity so delayed?

    Thanks to you both, as someone new to the forums the Identity devs seem so distant and detached from the community. I dont feel they are working as hard as they should, this game will make millions but if they dont hurry the F up everybody is gonna find a different game FACT
  9. I would love to see Dirt Bikes: Honda CR 125,250,450 2 STROKE ONLY Kawasaki KX 125 - 450 Yamaha yz 125 - 450 Yamaha ttr 450 Suzuki 125 - 450 KTM 125 - 450 Sport Bikes: Honda CBR Yamaha YZF Kawasaki NINJA AND OF COURSE KTM SUPERDUKE 1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  10. Why Is identity so delayed?

    Why is this game so delayed! I mean come on the web was plastered with ''early 2017'' now mid 2017 and not even module 1....
  11. Thanks for that but 1. I already am quite educated on how law enforcement works and 2. SWAT dont provide private security for the mayor nor do they participate usually in riots
  12. Can Gangsters be Police Officers at the same time?

    True but they dont join the police Thing is police takes longer and harder to actually get excepted where as the military takes everybody and you are combat ready within a year.
  13. Will There Be Gambling And Can Players Run it?

    by own and run gambling i mean own legal and illegal bookies and gambling areas where people come and bet like a casino
  14. Can people run and own gambling? So like lets say fist fights/horse racing/car races etc? People can come bet on it and then win or lose. But what i want to know is if i can own it and run the gambling trade legal and illegal