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Found 3 results

  1. K9 Officers

    Will K9 Officers be an option?
  2. Will there be State Troopers, State Police, City Police and Sheriff or just one massive department for the whole map? Wouldnt it be cool to have like Park Rangers and Search And Rescue units?
  3. K9 Handler

    Hey anxious players/Devs! So I came up with this idea an hour ago and I think it would be a good idea to add K9s and K9 Handlers. These are specially trained officers which obviously travel around with their K9 when needed - can be used in situations such as a drug busts, locating a suspect/s which has gone out of sight of police officers in the area and possibly other situations. The handler would be able to name, command and create a relationship with them. When you start your job, you choose the gender, name of your new battle pup and train it. Once ready to hit the streets, the handler would have a K9 Marked vehicle and would be ready to accept calls where the K9 is needed to subdue someone who is resisting verbal commands or is becoming physically violent towards officers or other civilians within the area. Pros to K9 Handler: 1) Adds more diversity to the Law Enforcement, other than the regular S.W.A.T. Units or other specialized units that may be already available. 2) Gives a more immersive experience to locating a perp when in pursuit of them as they would be able to pick up a scent should an article of clothing (example) be present that belongs to the perp, not just asking for any sightings of them or CCTV footage. 3) Drug busts could become more interesting and allow for more challenges in locating any hidden narcotics or other rec. drugs which would be legal, unless deemed legal by the President/Governor/Head of State etc. Drugs could be hidden under hard to reach places such as floorboards, frame of car etc or behind areas such as blocked passage ways only large enough for the K9 or a *Police EOD Bot to fit through 4) The K9 would automatically defend the officers should someone attempt to harm them (unless kept on leash ) or released from their leash. May be injured and/or killed in the line of duty as any other living, serving officer does. Cons to K9 Handler: 1) Custom sounds, models and walking/running/injured animations must be made along with implementation of A.I. specifically for the K9. 2) May be an unpopular job - meaning that the job would not be given enough attention worth for the amount of time/effort put into it to implement the idea. Thanks for reading this post, this is my first actual thread I've made - I attempted to add one about gun mechanics and I got signed out somehow, was super in-depth and took ages to write, never mind - as long as I can try to give any ideas along with everyone else I'm good! Looking forward to this game, hope it will be as feature packed and immersive as it seems to be as of the YouTube Demo video (looked brilliant by the way - well done, keep it going!) I will be getting the Founder rank hopefully soon before the prices change and whatnot! *Police EOD Bot - would have the ability to be remotely controlled and to view using a I.R./Heat Seeking camera with 360 degrees rotational view. Would be able to disarm simple/home made bombs or other explosives which pose a threat to the public. Similar as to the EOD Bot which can be found in Battlefield 3/4!