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Found 18 results

  1. PT/BR Acredito que o policial quem vai fazer a ficha do criminoso, exemplo, Nome do Criminoso, Idade. Motivo de punição. mais a duvida é quem vai estipular o tempo que o criminoso vai ficar preso? Google Translate EN/US I believe the police officer who will make the criminal record, example, Name of the Criminal, Age. Reason for punishment. but the doubt is who will stipulate the time that the criminal will be imprisoned?
  2. Greetings. I am Centro. Upon looking at Identity, I have been interested in filling out applications. I am looking for things prior to work. Be it taxi driver, spy, private detective, thief, bartender, cook, paintball referee, waiter, hunter, or others. I'm interested in things related to legal work to illegal work. Keep in mind that I will only choose one job. You might be saying to yourself if you're a police officer, "He steals? We cannot hire him." Which isn't a bad idea, but keep in mind that I will only be working for one person. If chosen as a detective, there will be no thievery or random murder for me. If I am a criminal, I will not help the police. The job that I choose will go with the character, therefore if you are needing someone to trust, I am your man. If you are chosen as my boss, then I will solely work for you and work under you with following all the laws and rules you provide. Please keep in mind that I will be in 100% RP mode once I am in game. Things I am looking for: Seriousness - no trolls Formal - well written - in depth application Owners who are above the age of 17 Understands the full rules of Metagaming Understands that anything we talk about will be between me and the person I am talking with, not their character (Unless in RP) Full honesty in the recruitment process (ex; You say you are a detective agency when in all honesty it's a Family/Gang. Ex2; You have 4 people in the company but state 100 in the interview) I do not work with KOS/RDM organizations - We are here to RP, not to go on a killing spree Looking for organizations/jobs where you believe negotiation before pulling the trigger (ask if confused on what I mean) Understands that there are other things I may be looking for that may not be written above Aware that it is not first come first serve so make use of what you say to me More than 4 members Please contact me on Discord: Centro#5836 or here on the forums. Please be aware that I will only respond to private messages. All posts under the comments section for recruitment will be disqualified. I wish to work for an organization that can listen. [EDIT Added Content ] I may sound like a cherry picker, but here is why. Multiple people have come up to me. Why choose first come first serve when there's perhaps better organizations out there? I like to choose and compare to see if it will fit my needs, as well as there's. Not just pick it and move on with it. Thanks Centro
  3. Smuggling

    I was wondering how the smuggling system would work because if it is a generic system such as storing items in an inventory on a vehicle, police could find illegal stuff very quickly. Whereas I was thinking if it was possible to add a system where you can hide stuff under your car inside and all around it, so if the police want to do a vehicle search it would take a bit of time rather than checking an inventory. Also, it would be cool to place stuff on/inside your car it rather than an inventory. (I don't know what kind of system the devs are planning on but this would be my idea of a "cool" system.)
  4. Work and Play

    I'm currently in the Army so I go out on field problems around every two months for a month straight, I'm just wondering about how It'll work out when I'm gone for a month or more and I got a character in the game with a job, bills, etc. will my guy be fired cause I'm not here to work? Will I lose my apartment and other possessions because I'm not here to pay the bills? Will it auto pay bills while I'm gone and I return to a character with no money? Just want to figure this all out.
  5. Choppa Boyz

    We them boyz who do the clean up Hit yo block and sweep yo mf street up Gang Gang Roleplay All choppas on deck we here as you can see what we about. We live by the gun. The choppa is law so we never get caught without it. If you not Gang Gang you can never be one of us. We want hittas. We are not the god father we gon do it like Meech did B.M.F style. Money, Drugs, Flashy Cars, Mansions Black people White people Hispanic people any race and Bad Women we gon have it all. Money laundering, Drug Dealing/Smuggling, Robbery, Weapons trade, Prostitution. They need a body dropped they should contact Choppa Boyz. We are a street gang everything flashy from the jewelry to designer clothes. This is rated M for mature so all that are and looking to have a good time in a modern day gang join us. Rankings: loyalty first and everything else follows do nothing to jeopardies the gang cover all tracks leave no trails. No snitching, no talking to police no talking to the opps. 30% of all members earnings will go to the gang. To do things such as deck out the hideout, gang investments, gang clothing line and gang cars. Depending on the economy ranking system may change. Now lets take over the city and rename it Choppa city. join me on discord to apply @ RUNNERS/CARRIERS: These individuals pickup and drop off drugs to various locations or other gang members. Rank: drop 1 body $500 STREET SOLDIERS: A street soldier can be involved with drive-by, gang fights drug sales, graffiti, intimidation, ect. aka gangbanger Rank: drop 3 bodies $1500 RECRUITERS: Recruiters are usually selling drugs and recruiting new young drug deaalers who want fast money Rank: new recruit drop 3 bodies $2500 COMMUNICATIONS: Informants who supply information ranging from rival gangs activity to law enforcement operation. messenger who communicate information between rival gangs Rank: drop 5 bodies $5000 SUPPLIER: An area leader, like any gang member, will have access to an assortment of readily available weapons Rank drop 7 bodies $7000 TREASURE: Responsible for income and expenses. Capital obtained from drugs, guns, property, business, ect. Rank: drop 7 bodies $7000 SECURITRY CHIEF/STREET CORDINATOR: Disciplines gang members who violate gang code; vice independent operating within territory who fail to pay share of profit. Business owners who fail to pay street tax (protection money) aka hitman Rank: drop 10 bodies $10000 CHIEF ENFORCER: Coordinates/controls gang wars, and protects existing territories. aka warlord Rank: drop 15 bodies $15000 ADVISORS: Financial, legal, political. (outside consultants) lawyers LEADERS: Presidents, kingpin, supreme chief, chairman of the board Rank: establish new branch with new territory 10% branch fee
  6. I have some questions, So when you are at work (any job such as Police, Fire, EMS, Logistics, ETC...) And it is around time for your shift to end is there a game mechanic that as soon as you leave and store your vehicle at the depot or station are you able to change into civilian clothes in a locker room then get your car and drive it home. And live as a firefighter that is off duty. I want to see something like this because I will be on duty a lot and would like to get a chance to leave some times. Maybe even have a farm or other hobbies. Also will you be able to buy buildings and have an office setup (Created by people) for my logistics enterprise or something. and be able to store vehicles somewhere. And have logos on everything. For example Fedex Freight or UPS (But not these names for copy right reasons). I want to see all of the following - Fully Custom Logos (Created By player) - Work Vehicles (Box Trucks, Semis, pickup trucks W/Trailers,) With Logos on them - Work Uniforms (Custom For The Job or Business created by CEO/Owner) - Radios/Handheld (Operational In Vehicle/on foot) - Full Vehicle Customization (Work And Personal) - Full Setup on Paychecks For Workers (Managed by CEO/OWNER, Based on the money earned and work labor) - For farms (Operational Tractors/Equipment, Livestock, Fields) - Realistic Gas Prices (Diesel and regular) - Game Mechanic where your car/truck could break down or need repairs - Fully working Speedometer/Meters in car/trucks - Cold Weather To where cars/trucks/tractors have problems starting or cold start -Working garage to where you can buy parts and install them yourself/ Fix stuff yourself - Lessons or licences and schooling that teaches you how to Fix things or Do pretty much anything - Being able to bring coffee in your car ( Drinks) And Eat at any restaurant and eat and drink at your desk [ This is just a short list of what we all hope to see in the game] [ Hope the game comes out soon]
  7. job / professions (voting)

    As a basis for research in the forum, which of these activities / professions could be added? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  8. my party is in need of someone with experience in management and legal consultancy please contact me if interested (pay will be discussed during the interview but we can not pay anyone until the game has been published and the pay will only be in game currency)
  9. Places to Sell Items

    PAWN SHOP: At the pawn shop you can sell player-made/rare items and get money for them, or have an event similar to Antiques Roadshow. There will be money arguments, like out of Pawn Stars. THRIFT STORE: At the Thrift Store you can donate clothes and other knickknacks, and they could go to charity or to players in need, or simply be available for purchase. The player in charge of the Thrift Store can decide what goes to charity or what stays at the store. I would very much like to see this, and not only would it add to the realism, but it would also give some poor/independent players a chance to make custom items and sell them as one-time items rather than paying a lot of money to have them mass-produced, and still make some cash. ONLINE: Players can sell custom-made items online, like shirts, mugs, phone cases, and other things to promote their business or cause, or just for a shirt with a custom design. This would work to add realism to the game, instead of just bringing up a menu or walking to a closet and making a custom shirt for free. Something like Etsy, to sell promotional content, or like Custom Ink to make your own shirt, or sell your design. Also, there would be an in-game website like Ebay for you to sell other items, too. There would be a wait-time for it to be delivered, and you can track it, too. This feature would be connecting to some other server that is storing ALL of the player-made content that is set to be public, or to be sold globally, so it would take time for some packages to be sent from one server to another. This would be a really cool feature, in my opinion, for it allows more content, more community, and profit for those who are selling their items. An analogy would be the Stock Market for GTA Online, where players from ALL servers are interconnected to the Stock Market, and their actions can affect what stocks go up and what stocks go down. This "global selling" feature could possibly be available for official servers only. BOOTHS AND FLEA MARKETS: This is a simple way of selling items, similar to my other suggestions, but it is only in a certain location, or at an event. You can bring your items to a Flea Market, set up a table, put it on display, set prices, and sell. Whether produce or shirts, or game consoles or phones, this would be a great way to get rid of stuff you don't need and make some money, too. If you made it to the end, congratulations! Here is an emoticon -
  10. Behind bars

    Hello Mr. Sir prisonguard.. man What can I do in here to kill time? Shaking the prison bars and planning breakouts, that I never spring to life is starting to get dull.. Do we have any workshops maybe, that I could earn a couple of bucks on to buy some prison food/snacks or just spend some of the 128 hours of prison time with? Community services? Anything really but rotting in a cell like the murderous scum i am?
  11. So, who needs suits?

    So as a (hopefully) major suit design and manufacturing company, I plan on having a prestigious feeling to my brand, I want you to be able to know that a person is of high-class by the fact that they are wearing my product. Because of this, I need a recognisable brand and for that to work I need people to see it. Because of this, I will be offering a business package deal, where if your employees purchase our products through your company, we will offer the company a small commission based on the volume of sales. For example, if we see that your employees are buying our products at a rate of 20 units monthly on average, your commission will be higher than if we are getting 10 units of sales on average. To make this system more appealing to the employees, we will offer the company a discount on those products. So, a £500 suit may only cost £450 if you buy through the company, plus the company may get a 10% commission on that £450, giving them a £45 profit from the sale. If you have 20 employees doing this monthly, that is a potential £900 profit monthly for your business. Because of the high profitability of this agreement, we can only offer it to businesses who follow our T's & C's which can be read below. Terms And Conditions - Your employees may only wear our suits that are purchased using this system for work related purposes. - You agree to pay a one-time-fee of £500 (as insurance that you will promote our system). - The company agrees not to resell our products at any time. - If there is a damaged product, it must be returned to Keys High-End Apparel as soon as possible with a detailed report on the damages. - This system may only be used by employees of the business that is using this system. Let me know below if this is something you think your business is interested in, and we can discuss this further. Thanks.
  12. Gas Station

    By any chance would there be a way to work in a simple job like at a gas station?
  13. Civil Engineer

    Design and build structures and infrastructure to improve operations on you server. Traffic jams add a bypass. Coastal flooding build levy. Too much pollution plant some trees and build a park. Civil Engineers would plan in some sort of "Cities: Skyline" mode. Then submit the plans for review. The server government would decide on zoning and choose what public projects to fund.
  14. I've heard that many things are able to be edited, but I'm wondering, would I for say, be able to buy a plot of land, and be able to hire workers to build a blueprint I get an architect to make, of a building? Because, that would be extremely awesome, I could have an EPIC custom house, or even my own building! But, I feel that, sorry for the inappropriateness, there would be oddly-shaped, disgusting buildings around... So, maybe it has to be approved first? Also, how cool would the game be, if you could become a mechanic, and make little inventions in a garage or something, and sell the blueprints to people for a wad of cash, and earn 50% of each sale. That would be a game-changer, how cool would it be if someone managed to create a hover-car, and it goes viral?! There could even be stores that can buy the blueprints for items, and sell them! If the game worked like that, I would buy the game twice! Just imagine the possibilities! Custom choppers, boats, etc. Last question concerning Boats, would you be able to find and claim islands in the game, or is that for the later stages? Thanks for reading, and I hoe you have a great time!
  15. Jobs & How they function

    So I was thinking about different jobs there could be and as I thought more about it, I came to this conclusion: Sure we could have a list of jobs like any other game might have, but how do you make it more specific? more unique? Herein lies my idea: Make different jobs have different content available for players to use. For example, say there is a barbershop or hairsalon job. The only way players could change their hairstyles and change their hair types is to purchase services by a player who's job or business is a barbershop or hairsalon. The player who runs a barbershop or hairsalon as job would gain a job tree that makes it so they can provide haircuts and hair styles to the rest of the population. Just my first thought on it. The barbershop was just a simple example... but this idea could be applied to many different jobs and make them more relevant and useful to players that don't want to just stand and chop wood or something... nothing wrong with that, but variety is nice What does everyone else think?
  16. Salary, income, work, job

    Hey again guys! I was wondering how the money and employment works in this game, from what I understand you can work within diffirent areas. But how does it work? Do you actually work? Can someone spread some light to me on this subject! And what type of salaries are we talking, low vs high income /month. This is a topic I would love to know more about! Have a great monday! Whiskey
  17. Im just curious to see what kind of things people are going to do for work or what kind of business you will try to run.
  18. Trains!

    So as said "train stations are located throughout the land" My question is then will this be automatically driven or will you be able to archery work as a "train driver" And then when you go on a train will you then just be sitting down all the time or will you have the possibility to walk around and maybe do a little train captur to use it as a "escape train"