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Found 4 results

  1. Smuggling

    I was wondering how the smuggling system would work because if it is a generic system such as storing items in an inventory on a vehicle, police could find illegal stuff very quickly. Whereas I was thinking if it was possible to add a system where you can hide stuff under your car inside and all around it, so if the police want to do a vehicle search it would take a bit of time rather than checking an inventory. Also, it would be cool to place stuff on/inside your car it rather than an inventory. (I don't know what kind of system the devs are planning on but this would be my idea of a "cool" system.)
  2. Alleviation Micro-systems

    Summary AMS is an international corporation focused on the needs and wants of all criminals. This is a relatively new corporation, but we plan on growing bigger in the near future; to do so we need trusted employees who are willing to get their hands dirty. However, not all jobs at AMS are illegal. Alleviation Micro-Systems are in need of some trust-worthy workers who only want to put in an honest days work. All employees will be paid fairly, but the ones who are willing to get dirty will be paid more. The higher your rank; the higher your cut. Jobs We specialize in the following: Weapon Dealing Drug Smuggling Money Laundering Counterfeit Production Contract Killings Robberies Large Scale Heists Protection How to Apply To apply to AMC reply to this forum and we will reach out to you. All applicants that get accepted will start as the lowest rank, but you can work your way up by bringing in money for the company. *if you choose to leave the company you will be marked for death, but you can be re-admitted by paying a fee. Your rank will be stripped and your cut of the profits will be reduced until you can prove your worth Recommendations Comment any recommendations for the company and they will be reviewed, and possibly converted into a public vote
  3. I heard it is a good business right now. If Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining are in the game, reflecting real time prices, I could make a bitcoin mining business. Also, I believe human trafficking could be a good addition to my smuggling business. If I can make my sailors go from Malaysia to the Emporia in India, I could pick up a few slaves and then traffic them into the United States. Anyone wants to join me?
  4. Smuggling suggestion

    Picture this: You own a legit business(lets say a clothing shop) and your a big time dealer you have trucks(lets say 3) which have deliveries and you want to trucks to be filled with the clothes and the third to have drugs and clothes and they drive over to the shop but the drug truck takes a "detour" to the warehouse and removes the drugs then takes the clothes to the shop.