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Found 3 results

  1. 1. since i "babybutter" want to run a criminal EMPIRE! would i be able to also make my own clothes and sell it at My OWNED store?? or would i have to go the "goody Goody" way??? I wanna be a MOB BOSS, A OG and run other business. i dont want to just sell narcotics. mob bosses also have more then 1 way of income. 2. would this game be out on other console like PS4 or Xbox1. i have a Windos 10 Hp (blue) and im not sure if it would run on here just as fine.
  2. Well's Natural Food Store

    Well's Natural Food Store is now officially hiring! Reply to this topic if you would like to apply to work at this store.
  3. Salary, income, work, job

    Hey again guys! I was wondering how the money and employment works in this game, from what I understand you can work within diffirent areas. But how does it work? Do you actually work? Can someone spread some light to me on this subject! And what type of salaries are we talking, low vs high income /month. This is a topic I would love to know more about! Have a great monday! Whiskey