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    Hi I'm Mr. Wells, I am 23 and am looking for short term employment before Opening up my own shop. I have experience in graphic design and media arts. I do have a working mic. I was wondering if you would like help in logo creation, if so I will send some ideas your way! Thanks
  2. Sebastian Triton For Governer

    Will you help small businesses like my own to become a large and profitable franchise by lowering taxes for smaller businesses?
  3. Well's Natural Food Store

    Well's Natural Food Store is now officially hiring! Reply to this topic if you would like to apply to work at this store.
  4. Mr. Wells

    Hi, im Mr. Wells. I plan on being a long term business owner and respected citizen.
  5. Well's Natural Food Store

    Well's Natural Food Store At Well's Natural Food Store we aim to please the customer and satisfy their healthy eating life style. Our Mission We want to provide healthy food and goods to everyone. Spread the word about Well's Natural Food Store.