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  1. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    No child. You must look within yourself. Once you discover the true nature of humanity you will understand Whitehorns arguments. "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
  2. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    You know what, you have converted me to your way of thinking, old friend. I feel as though our connections have become intertwined, two souls binding together through scriptures and gospels of love. Love is love, love is life.
  3. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    Why are you talking in riddles? No, all emotions do not stem from love. That is factually incorrect. There are disorders which prevents people feeling love, love is not the basis for all emotions. I am not complicating things, I am stating a fact.
  4. What I would do if I were Asylum right now

    This is perfectly written in my opinion. My beef with Asylum as I have always said is the failure to take responsibility. I don't believe they have every actually apologised for anything. That's my primary issue.
  5. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    Well I do study psychology, and let me tell you there are far more ways to respond to things than just love and fear.
  6. Better Business Bureau

    Would be pointless, the BBB doesn't actually have any power over anything, they are essentially a glorified Yelp.
  7. Release status update?

    Nope, you probably got banned like the rest of us lol
  8. Release status update? Section 7. is particularly interesting There's also a tweet from PlayerUnknown showing that you as a dev decide when to release it
  9. Just a Quick Disclaimer

    So I am fairly known for being a critic of this game. I hope no one views me as a hater, because that's factually incorrect. I try and argue with logic and facts rather than feelings, and unfortunately a lot of the time that leaves me agreeing with the 'haters' so I get that it is easy to group me in with them, but try and understand I try to come at every bump in the road neutrally and make a determination on the facts of the situation. That being said, with the game coming out in a few hours I wanted to reach out to people like myself and some of the haters to provide a quick disclaimer. When this game launches, the servers may crash. We might not get to play for another few hours due to connection issues. There will likely be bugs, some gamebreaking. But please, please remember that this is not an issue with Asylum. I can't think of a time where any company has released a game at a pre-beta stage, and most of the time even full release, that went smoothly. Lots of new games experience server crashes on launch, and connection issues, and bugs, and we need to remember that the best way to deal with it is to make ONE post in the bug report section or suggestions actually explaining the issue. Let the devs do their work, don't rush them. I will not be criticising the TS module in any shape or form until about a week or two have passed, because I understand launches tend not to go to plan, and I encourage you all to do the same. Report, but don't criticise until we allow the devs time to rectify any issues that come up.
  10. The Wallace Family

    I have created a roleplaying community, The Wallace Family. It is a mafia roleplaying community with ranks and rules etc. which is completely opt in opt out. If anyone would be interested in joining let me know, the earlier you join the sooner you can be promoted. It is a Discord community.
  11. Nominate Identity for Steam Awards!!

    Ill be fair. What award do you propose we nominate Identity for?
  12. I like it. One recommendation I would make though is to perhaps rename it to something like SBN (Small Business Network). Only reason being SIBAN sounds like an Irish name and is an acronym, whereas SBN follows the rule of three and is an initialism which helps make it sound more professional.
  13. Interesting. What qualifies a business as 'small'? When does one go from being a small business to a large? Will you stop working with companies who grow too big?
  14. Censorship like NK

    Uhm yeah I came here to check and see if anyone replied to my thread and it has now been deleted. It was off-topic, nothing to do with this game I don't know why they removed it. Wasn't spam, flame, etc. was literally me asking for some peoples opinions. Don't know why they removed it.
  15. A Fair And Reasonable Criticism and Suggestion

    Thank you, with regards to #5 and #18, I believe I am trying to be constructive. I also think this should be fine for #18 because I am not discussing any particular decision that was made, I am saying across the board it feels like they lock topics because they disagree. If there are hidden or unknown reasons to us, I don't need to know about them, I am just encouraging them not to resort to locking topics if they don't really violate rules. Also with the specific case I mentioned about myself, I tried to contact someone to report a person but have received no response. Plus, that one where I did go into detail was my own case so I can talk about it. If the moderators would like me to remove the specific case I mentioned, I will do so. For number #20, I don't think I have included any intentional false information, if I did please point it out and I will remove it. Hopefully I haven't came off as hostile here, if I have I do apologise. Thanks too, I took this is a warning to keep myself right. I appreciate it. With #20,