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  1. An idea for developers.

    There should be a farming/planting system like this implemented in Identity
  2. Identity Island Football League

    I 100% agree that their needs to be salary cap, but I need to play the game first and determine how the money/economy works in Identity before I can make that decision
  3. Identity Island Football League

    We'll see about that...
  4. Identity Island Football League

    Yes that is my major long term goal
  5. Bob Ross INC: Promoter of Fine Art

    Awesome presentation, very professional!
  6. Solo Mercenary for Hire!

    I'll contact you soon, I might have multiple jobs for you
  7. Identity Island Football League

    Well looks like im buying the founder pass
  8. Sports Association in Identity - SAI

    Wow this could be really good for advertising sports in Identity!
  9. Identity Island Football League

    Buyers interested in buying chief clubs are not buying names, they are purchasing the club itself. As far as i'm concerned, NO ONE has planned or even suggested a football league(or club). Since I'm the first to develop one, I think I have the right to claim a sports team name. Like I said before, the other 9 club spots are for YOUR OWN CLUB, as long as you have the money to enter the league. Nobody has to contact me to be a manager, I was saying that if they had any additional questions.
  10. Identity Island Football League

    True. It is more fun when features are player run.
  11. Identity Island Football League

    The developers already stated their would be sports. However I am really hoping they will see this topic, and allow for my league to be the OFFICIAL organization for football in Idenitiy (as no one else has suggested so). I am hoping all 12 teams will have their own stadium with sponsorships and official game broadcasting on TV.
  12. Identity Island Football League

    Answering your first point, yes i agree, in my first couple of sentences i explain this. You are purhcasing a spot in the LEAGUE for your club. The only purchasble clubs are the 3 chief clubs for $250,000 (might lower the price). For your second point, i also agree. The money used for getting into the league goes into the prize pool, aswell as daily league operations and broadcasting.
  13. Identity Island Football League

    Sounds nice! Contact me at anytime for business talks
  14. Identity Island Football League

    Thanks for your feedback! Comsidering that the real life prices for clubs are MUCH more expensive than what I suggested, I thought it was fair. However if making A LOT of money seems difficult, I will definitely lower club spot prices. If you are interested in becoming a player/manager, contact me with more questions!
  15. Identity Island Football League

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it!