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Found 2 results

  1. Boss The Bounty Hunter

    I think my career choice will be Bounty Hunting. Reason: becuase i believe it's going to be very successful in this game becuase everyone likes to run so i think it's smart to track them down and turn them in for money. IM GOING TO BE RICH. I want to be a Solo Bounty Hunter for the start of my career and then i think im going to start my recruiting becuase the more i get known the more CRIMINALS are going to want me dead. SO IF YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING TO RUN THINK TWICE!!!!
  2. Solo Mercenary for Hire!

    I will accept any mission in regards to personal protection, protection of assets, or eliminating any possible threats to the client as well as their valuables. My rate is entirely dependant on the profile of the client or the target and the difficulty of the assignment. I'll work for any client regardless of your position. I am a mercenary which means I am not owned by any organization nor a part of any group/gang. We'll be in touch...