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Found 5 results

  1. Pictures of Sport car?

    Hi fellow pledgers! Does anyone know, if there is a illustration of the ''Sports car'', which you can inherit if you pledge enough? Thanks in advance, I know it is kind of an irrelevant question, but If anyone has the time, I would appreciate any information. - Lynnerup
  2. Sports

    What if people were able to compete in sports like mma and boxing were they could earn money as they progress and have a team of other players to help
  3. GYM Mechanic Idea

    Gym Animations / Minigame / Physics I know gym mechanics and stuff are a long way but hear me out. I think there should be animations so people can see you lifting weights or doing some sort of workout in the gym on Identity RPG. It would also be cool if there was a mini game for lifting weights like in GTA SA when you had to press "X" and"O" back and forth as fast as you can to get a rep and also choosing the weight you're lifting before you start. I think it would also be more interesting if the weight plates changed depending on how much weight you're lifting, or you'd have to put the weight plates on the olyimpic bar yourself. Gym Mechanics One more thing as well, I think it would be cool if you get a temporary skill depending on what part of your body you work out. For example legs, If you do leg workouts you should be able to run faster. "When you build strong muscles in your lower body, you are able to push off the ground with more force. Each running stride takes less time, and you can cover more distance with your steps using less effort. Stronger legs and glutes propel you forward and enable you to move faster and fatigue less quickly, while also helping you maintain an energy-efficient posture and running form for increased strength." You should also be able to run a treadmill or a track to increase endurance and lose weight. There should also be some sort of skill to gain from arm,chest/back workouts. I know it doesn't need to be this detailed but you guys are the professionals, this is just an idea. Thanks for your time!
  4. Hello everyone. I would like to present an idea that I got after reading some sports topics on identity. I present you Sports Association in Identity - SAI The SAI will be an organizer of 4 sports modality (or less, it depends). The organization will be done through a blog (afk) where it will be possible to find dates of the next games, seasons calendars, results of previous games and also some information about the hirings and changes of cast of the teams. We will have a TV channel (twitch) where the matches will be transmitted. (I still do not know which are the days and times of transmission will be and I do not know if it will have a narrator.) Our method of obtaining money to pay our employees and also to pay the prizes of the winning teams of each modality will be through advertisements of companies interested in advertising in our TV channel. We will also partner with apparel companies to produce the uniforms of each team (teams will pay for this), uniforms may be stamped corporate sponsorships. I can not yet give certain values because I do not know how the real economy will be in game What do you think? Can it work, yes or no? Why? I tried to detail the maximum because if I can not make it real, I hope someone does. I'm sorry for bad English (translate-google), I'm a lazy and I did not study English as I should have. I'm so hyped for this game!!!!!!
  5. Sports

    Can you consider adding sports like soccer 1 basketball 2 football 3. And also can you make the teams and leagues player managed and owned. Full customization of uniforms stadium ticket prices you can watch game at the arena or television or pc. Different arenas so forth.