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  1. Keys High-End Apparel

    Any updates?
  2. Ilyri Hang Gliding

    Well you will have to be really high up if you want to go far. It could be faster than going on a highway though. Plus its going to be way more fun
  3. Ilyri Hang Gliding

    I am planning to run both businesses but I am not sure how I am going to do it.
  4. Ilyri Hang Gliding

    I thought I would try something different where there would be no competition and it sounds fun. It may sound weird but has done a similar thing because they own twitch.
  5. Ilyri Hang Gliding

    Circling up to cloud base on a summer's day and setting course on a long cross-country flight over patchwork fields is one of the wonders of the modern world. Landing out after a long flight using only the natural power of the atmosphere and your accumulated knowledge of the sky gives a hang glider pilot an unsurpassed feeling of accomplishment. Hang gliding has joys in store outside of the challenge of cross-country flying. In the long summer evenings pilots often congregate after work to soar a nearby hill, united in the pursuit of an hour or two's soaring in the face life's pressures - and the setting sun. To be aloft on the breeze seems to them a rare privilege made more precious by the fact that so few of the teeming millions seem to know about it. It's not really a secret; come along and share it with us! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FAQ's What exactly do you do? Hang glider pilots are suspended from their gliders by a special harness, and launch from hills facing into wind. Hang gliding is not however limited to upland environments. In the flatland's, hang gliders can also be towed aloft by a land based motorised winch, or behind a microlight aircraft. Whichever launch technique is used, the objective is always the same, to stay airborne in lifting currents of air. Some pilots are content to soar the hill they launched from, whilst others prefer to search out rising pockets of air, known as thermals, and use these to undertake long cross country flights. How do you control a hang glider? The pilot launches his or her machine by running to accelerate it to flying speed, then relaxes into the comfortable prone harness while controlling the glider by moving their weight in relation to the control bar. Flying a hang glider is a little more demanding than flying a para glider and not quite as easy to learn, but the machine is capable of much higher speeds and better gliding performance, and can be flown in stronger winds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am not sure how I should run this company, the jobs that will be offered to the public and I how much I should charge people for a ride but when the game is released I can plan it all out. If you want a job I can try and see where I can put you. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions then ask below.
  6. Ilyri Convenience Stores

    Hello guys, I see that there is a lot of support for this convenience store company. Its because of this successful rise in popularity in my idea I am thinking of new ideas and that is why my company is turned into a incorporation. Thanks a lot guys!
  7. The Red Spade

    There can also be a alcohol addiction where your going to have long term negative effects and if you don't drink alcohol in a while then you more negative effects but then they start turning positive.
  8. The Red Spade

    You should have other effects example. you wont walk in a straight line, harder to drive a car, hearing is effected.
  9. Ilyri Convenience Stores

    Thanks for 150 views, really cool to see that!
  10. Corruption

    Yeah its only a few people but it no one does anything about it then there could be more politicans joining in to get more money.
  11. Gene Smith for Governor

    What will you do about public transport?
  12. Corruption

    I am talking to all parties, governors and also the people on how we can stop corruption. The parties and governors can you explain to me how you are going to stop it. The people what ideas do you think we can stop this.
  13. Gene Smith for Governor

    Will there be a carbon tax? What do you think about abortion? Will the governor have the power to enact any law he want, or will the parties?
  14. The Communist Party of Roseport (Retired)

    What will you be doing to help small businesses? How much tax will the rich have to pay? What are your policies to stop corruption from happening?
  15. Tyrone Ramsey for Governor "A politician for the people"

    @tyronethecalzone What will you be doing to help small businesses? How much tax will the rich have to pay? What are your policies to stop corruption from happening? Will there be any welfare program to help the less fortunate ones? Will there be free healthcare? What are your ideas on gun rights?