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  1. Keys Website!

    Looking good @JoelKeys
  2. I have been looking at the town square module and its been 76% for quite a while, would be nice to see it being updated.
  3. Job Listings - Keys High-End Apparel

    Your Name: Joe Knight / Cookie (Nickname Cookie) Which Job Are You Interested In?: Chief Of Marketing Why?: I would like to become to become the Chief Of Marketing as I would like to see the business outperform other fashion business's in the marketing aspect of the business. I feel that having good marketing can help any product sell, if you have bad marketing and a good product nobody is going to see it, or know about it. With good marketing people will be able to see the product and want to buy it. Why Should I Hire You Over Someone Else?: I have a good understanding of marketing and know what works and what doesn't. I can also work very well with other people, such as the chief of finance, we can work out what is working financially, and what we could do to improve sales and such. Any Experience In The Fashion Industry?: I haven't had much experience in the fashion industry, but am always looking to learn and improve what I know.
  4. Create Your Identity

    Name: Joe Smithson Age: 21 From (City, Country): London, United Kingdom Appearance (Body, Face): Quite tall, quite skinny, unlined face. Attire: Tailored Suit. Job: Does not have a job, in process of finding one. Detail of House: One bedroom studio apartment. Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Does not own a car, uses bike to travel around. Personality: Well mannered, tech savvy, Background: Born and raised in London, been around computers his whole life, knows pretty much everything about them. Also has a love for photography, (might start his own business around it). When was very young traveled around the world (where the photography interest came from). Parents split up at a very young age, bullied at a young age at schools (resulting moving to alot of different school). At around the age of 16, started devoping own company involving computers, was successful but had to close due to family problems. And the rest is the future
  5. What is your Account ID?

    I am 673, still in the 1000 Club, I guess when there is alot more people being in the 1000s will look pretty good