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Found 4 results

  1. Will we be able to go in every building in identity
  2. Idea - Big companies

    Howdy! I've had this idea, almost a dream for a couple of years, that I believe would be amazing. You know how all these big companies have huge buildings, skyscrapers, several floors and offices and such? What if.. that could be implemented into Identity? Now here's my idea! What if you were to start an ordinary business? Let's say an IT company, or a shop, or just something including sells or whatever. And you start off with a simple office. Might as well be an old garage building, or whatever, and later on upgrade your business and move to a more professional building. And as you keep on working on your business, hiring people to work for you, grow your company, eventually you get to the level where you have a building that is upgradable to increase in height, to create a skyscraper? Now this is an idea I've wanted to see happen for a long time. Is this possible? Thank you for taking your time to read through this post. I will see you around! Kind regards, Alphoni
  3. I've heard that many things are able to be edited, but I'm wondering, would I for say, be able to buy a plot of land, and be able to hire workers to build a blueprint I get an architect to make, of a building? Because, that would be extremely awesome, I could have an EPIC custom house, or even my own building! But, I feel that, sorry for the inappropriateness, there would be oddly-shaped, disgusting buildings around... So, maybe it has to be approved first? Also, how cool would the game be, if you could become a mechanic, and make little inventions in a garage or something, and sell the blueprints to people for a wad of cash, and earn 50% of each sale. That would be a game-changer, how cool would it be if someone managed to create a hover-car, and it goes viral?! There could even be stores that can buy the blueprints for items, and sell them! If the game worked like that, I would buy the game twice! Just imagine the possibilities! Custom choppers, boats, etc. Last question concerning Boats, would you be able to find and claim islands in the game, or is that for the later stages? Thanks for reading, and I hoe you have a great time!
  4. Art and Galleries

    I am curious to how in depth the art would be. I seen that you can paint pictures for your homes (shown in clip). I would love to be able to sell art pieces for others to purchase. Making this into a career someone could possibly do. A great way to get the pictures out there is by having Art Galleries that people can make bids on. After so long, The art piece will be sold and given to the new owner. I feel this would be a great way to incorporate peoples skills/talents they have to help those decorate their homes... who want pictures but can't paint...