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  1. Police business

    Howdy everyone, Here today I want to ask for at final release we elect our Sheriff and Police Chief. I have some ideas for ranks and ideas for patrol and other divisions. First Here are ranks: Sheriff Undersheriff Assistant Sheriff Chief Deputy Captain Lieutenant Sergeant II Sergeant I Detective Deputy Trainee Unit numbers: Numbers from 1-500 For example Unit 357 My idea is each car is customizable so you put your unit number on the roof and for Sgt. Up Supervisor on the body. Police ranks Chief Assistant Chief Commander Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Detective Officer II Police Officer Recruit Unit numbers 500-1000 Example 865 Just some ideas.
  2. What's to come

    I would like to start by saying. I have been with the development of this game since launch. I have not purchased the town square yet. But I plan on doing so. I still have very high hopes for this game. It has been almost or exactly five years in the making. Even if the deva are working at a slow pace I will wait to see the final project. I honestly think it will exceed my rp inspirations. I just hope updates came more frequently. So deva if your reading this please hang in there with me. I know it's been a slow process but slower the better because then comes detail. And precision. The roleplay community is growing more and more each day so I feel this game can fit everyone's needs. I have been checking the tracker and yes it has one more objective I hope the deva are working on it. Man I remember way back in 2015 how much hype I had to play this game. The ideas keep me up at night thinking of the potential and makes me happy. I just hope the deva don't let me or anyone else down.
  3. I would love to see a mechanical feature in the game for the cars where you have gas and batteries. I think it would be pretty cool. I would like to have a garage where I can store my car and for the winter I am able to change the tires (Myself), Put the battery on a charger, also I would like to say mechanics will still need business so everyone don't just go doing it all yourself. I think there should be training on which you have to learn how to fix a car because not everyone can do that that is why there are mechanics.
  4. Anyone interested in EMS

    So you like my ideas?
  5. I have an idea about the logistics and transportation part of the game. Okay so I want to see a Semi/Truck/ Customization Mechanic kinda like American Truck Simulator with all the different modifications. And a big Headquarters that the CEO can own and hire people for example a Director Of Transportation, Bus Driver, Semi Driver, Mechanic, Taxi Driver, And Secretary. These are the ranks I would like to make for my Logistics/Transportation company. And a building with offices for some of the workers such as Mechanic (Half Office With Big Garage for Semis and busses) A big parking lot for employee parking and taxi parking. Different custom options for the HQ and Offices (interior). That pretty much wraps it up. Also with a custom rank system for every job. And maybe the roles could be written on the office door or wall.( Same goes for police/fire/ems). Example Of Logistic ranks [LR] In Training [LR] Semi Driver [LR] Bus Driver [MR] Mechanic Director Of Transportation Dispatch [HC] Co. CEO Of Transportation [AC] CEO
  6. I have some questions, So when you are at work (any job such as Police, Fire, EMS, Logistics, ETC...) And it is around time for your shift to end is there a game mechanic that as soon as you leave and store your vehicle at the depot or station are you able to change into civilian clothes in a locker room then get your car and drive it home. And live as a firefighter that is off duty. I want to see something like this because I will be on duty a lot and would like to get a chance to leave some times. Maybe even have a farm or other hobbies. Also will you be able to buy buildings and have an office setup (Created by people) for my logistics enterprise or something. and be able to store vehicles somewhere. And have logos on everything. For example Fedex Freight or UPS (But not these names for copy right reasons). I want to see all of the following - Fully Custom Logos (Created By player) - Work Vehicles (Box Trucks, Semis, pickup trucks W/Trailers,) With Logos on them - Work Uniforms (Custom For The Job or Business created by CEO/Owner) - Radios/Handheld (Operational In Vehicle/on foot) - Full Vehicle Customization (Work And Personal) - Full Setup on Paychecks For Workers (Managed by CEO/OWNER, Based on the money earned and work labor) - For farms (Operational Tractors/Equipment, Livestock, Fields) - Realistic Gas Prices (Diesel and regular) - Game Mechanic where your car/truck could break down or need repairs - Fully working Speedometer/Meters in car/trucks - Cold Weather To where cars/trucks/tractors have problems starting or cold start -Working garage to where you can buy parts and install them yourself/ Fix stuff yourself - Lessons or licences and schooling that teaches you how to Fix things or Do pretty much anything - Being able to bring coffee in your car ( Drinks) And Eat at any restaurant and eat and drink at your desk [ This is just a short list of what we all hope to see in the game] [ Hope the game comes out soon]
  7. Anyone interested in EMS

    I would like to be a paramedic I just wish they would be able to have aircraft because I would be a air paramedic pilot kinda like lifeline. I would do it definitely so if they are in a need for paramedics they are going to have to upgrade the plans a bit. I would like to be able to have Helicopters and all that. I also would like to have nice uniforms to wear I want to be able to customize my flight suit. With accessories like maybe being able to earn gold wings and also insignia. I would totally be a pilot and I know some people on xbox one that would like to be on my team. I would hire some paramedics to work with me. I would like to have a 4 seater with a stretcher and AED in the back. I will accept calls on the highway and some medical calls that are going to take a little longer for land paramedics to get there. Or just calls where they need to get people in an MVA to the hospital quick. I am the best pilot. Also, will there be interactive interiors in all the vehicles? People like this reply if you agree. Liveline is needed in the real world. Sincerely, Cameron Debono (Future LifeFlight Pilot Commander)
  8. Motor Cops

    I think it would be cool, On GTA 5 I patrol Peleto with a motorcycle. And I even recruited a partner which was another player. I enjoy it but I do understand that people are dumb and dont like to role-play and I honestly think that they should
  9. Tactical Gear

    So when you say customizable police gear. For my uniform I would have whatever rank patch I get and then could I change my badge from silver to gold. but only for my rank. I also want to have my choice of a way my belt looks and what gun I have. Also will the guns actually go out of the holster like in real life then a realistic holster animation? I also want to know will I be able to hold tactical vests in my vehicle so when I need it I can pull it out. Along with my shotgun, I will carry with me behind my seat.
  10. Question/Suggestion

    Hello, I was laying in bed last night and was wondering will there be a fuel system in Identity RPG? Well I want it to be realistic if their is one maybe even to the point where I have to step out of my car and fill the tank up. And working gauges in the car to show my speed and all fuel and even a working engine heat gauge. I also want to be able to have a system where when I stop at a light when I press the break on the vehicle it will automatically back up I don't want that. As realistic as possible I hope there will be automatic gearbox vehicles and then a manual gearbox along side a stick shift for the semis and big vehicles. Will there be working lights that I can press on inside the vehicles? and maybe even air conditioning with sweat going down the screen in hot days. I will be playing on xbox one so I hope all of the features are in console as well. Thank You
  11. Transportation

    Okay, so I was thinking that I would like to be a bus driver in Identity RPG maybe even a school bus driver. But the thing about a school bus driver no one would like to be in school maybe 1 or 2 but that is it. But a city bus driver would be fine because the people who don't have a car yet could get on the bus and go where ever they need to go. I would go long distances country or city and I would make it affordable for people who are struggling. I would like to know Would the buses or just vehicles in general be realistic I also want a depot but I would like to know Who all would like to be a bus driver? I would like the buses to be like Omsi but just English and not old. I would like to also know will the vehicles including Cars, tractors, trucks and emergency vehicles will they be realistic and fully interactive like Omsi or Arma 3 Project life? I would love for the vehicles to be as realistic as Arma 3 Project life but even more real.
  12. Okay so I have a idea for identity RPG so what would be good in the game would be military active in the country maybe a base in the country with all the equipment that the military would have I will be a part of the navy and serve in the country and I want to be a officer and fly aircraft and all that. I also think their needs to be ranks, proper uniforms for your rank and everything else. Also the military could respond to high priority calls and help out the PD. I would love to have this in the game.
  13. Officer Dynasty YouTube Series

    I will join you definitely I will be doing the same thing I will do more realistic things all on camera. like changing into my uniform and all that but first starting out as a civ at my home and then heading out to work. If you agree on this the reply back with a #PDCAMERA hope to see you there... Peace OUT
  14. More Realistic??

    I have a couple ideas for Identity okay so lets say your at home just went out to your driveway or garage to get into your car (new car) and you have your keys in your inventory so before you walk up to it you look down to your pant pockets and you click on the right one (optional) then you grab your keys then press unlock on your keyfob then walk up to the door and click on that then it opens so your car is unlocked then you slide into the car (key still in hand) you insert it into the ignition and started the car up. then you pull into your destination and put it in park. then grab the key out of the ignition and step out then press lock and BEEP BEEP (locked) there you go. You do the same for all vehicles but all are different most vehicles will not have a keyfob (older models) You can fill up your car at the gas station by inserting in a card or money to the pump then press the kind of gas you want and there you go. Hooking up trailers is easy you just have to have a hook on the back of your truck or Suv and there you go put it on Nobody can enter your car if it is locked unless the really want to and break the glass or something. but alarm will go off. My vehicles?? I will own a Ford F-150 2017 (customized) My job?? I will be a part-time gas station worker and a police officer. Lets just summarize this up I want the game to be so realistic in all places
  15. Mowing Lawns

    I think there should be an option where you can mow your lawn and It will actually grow and you will get different moisture on the grass for example one rainy day inside your house you decide to watch the news it says the rain should clear up soon with a high of ## so you then decide hey is my grass high? well yes it is I shall cut it after the rain well the grass will be wet and your mower might back up a bit and stall, the grass should be textured as well. like this------>>