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  1. Let's RP. Come have some tea with me in the corner booth.

    Absolutely! This stuff is amazing! Just you wait this place will be crawling with people soon enough.
  2. Vehicle Maintenance, Repairs, upgrades and Fuel

    Man I'd love to be a mechanic! This would add jobs for Tow-truck drivers as well! And given my experiences with Asylum RP I KNOW for a fact that people always drive like fukin' nut cases and will find a way to wreck their and other peoples vehicles in a matter of minutes, hell seconds after spawning their DRM-ridden hunk of junk Maintenance and service jobs on customers cars would be a nice thing indeed.. but sadly I fear this will be a very late feature, it will probably just start out with a menu to shift between owned cars and the occasional repair kit incident in the roadside (Most likely in the middle of the road)
  3. Let's RP. Come have some tea with me in the corner booth.

    Oh I'm sorry Mike! Must've phased out there for a moment... Anyways! I will indeed be settling down in this area, hopefully soon I'll be able to afford a decent place to live might even call in some old acquaintances from my former home, set up some kind of deal with them so we can work together to start a business of some sort.. Either that or it's back to tending the forests of this place.
  4. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    Man that would be amazing, Car mechanics are underappreiated in games!
  5. Behind bars

    Oh thats nice to know I'll eagerly await the response then
  6. As I said they take the backup role, you know stand outside the bank and surround it, not actually rush in and defuse situations.. but simply just back SWAT up
  7. Behind bars

    Hello Mr. Sir prisonguard.. man What can I do in here to kill time? Shaking the prison bars and planning breakouts, that I never spring to life is starting to get dull.. Do we have any workshops maybe, that I could earn a couple of bucks on to buy some prison food/snacks or just spend some of the 128 hours of prison time with? Community services? Anything really but rotting in a cell like the murderous scum i am?
  8. Shiver me timbers!

    Hi folks! I was just wondering if we would be seeing common jobs like miners, lumberjacks, carpenters, masons or anything in between that? Because a dream scenario for me would be to either have to supply people with goods or just be able to harvest ressources, load them on the truck and sell them in the local township for a nice little profit.
  9. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    Man oh man! I'd love to see some forms of Hot rodded vehicles! Like this one: Or simply just some old rusted cars like this chevy impala Just something that shows you're either dirt poor, or just don't want to trash your memories and keep an old, barely holdin' together, good fer' nothin', duct tape ridden excuse of a car
  10. Let's RP. Come have some tea with me in the corner booth.

    Why hello there fella! Name's Andrew Danes, pleased to meet ya, I'm parched and starved after the long journey I embarked and could really do with a hot can of water.. hope you don't mind me sipping on my freeze dried field rations in your shop, but I could really do with a break from all this travel. What a nice shop you have here, reminds me of my old mans diner. I'm happy to see already that settling down in a new place brings me the homey feels back.
  11. Pleb reporting in!

    Why hello Geero! I sure hope to see you around in there, I'd treat you to some McDonalds.. sadly it hasn't been made yet ... or has it
  12. I think Police officers are meant to do pretty much the same as SWAT, but act more as a form of backup to the SWAT force when it comes to their missions
  13. Cosa Nostra

    Ah I'm happy to see someone bringing this up! Sadly I'll be playing with mates and having other plans instead... But I wish the family the best and send my regards to the Don Might applicate later for "Adoption" though