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  1. Can I be an Accountant?

    I'll need a "good" accountant to deal with my various financial transactions over multiple business.
  2. DrNotAsEvil has arrived

    DrNotAsEvil has arrived on the island to start a new enterprise on the island. I'm taken time out from my island retreat to come and help the inhabitants of this new place prosper and succeed. I want to bring wealth to everyone and keep the island safe from people who's only plan is to bring chaos to our new streets. I look forward to seeing you all when the island opens for business and hope we can all live in peace side by side.
  3. NotAsEvil Inc

    WELCOME MY NEW HENCHMAN Dr NotAsEvil is recruiting henchman for his push onto the island. He is recruiting all levels of minions to conduct his NotAsEvil plans, The Doc will take care of all his minions so long as you are loyal to the cause and fight with honour in his name you are welcome. We are looking to setup a vast criminal underworld covering the entire island and want to have a major say in all the criminal activity. To do that we need recruits. The Doc will split the island into regions and will assign his most trusted henchman an area each that they will control. Basic criminal activities will be organised by the henchmen themselves while larger criminal activities or moves on rivals will need to be past through The Doc himself, he might even allocate you more minions to complete your task. All he asks for is a cut of the profit you make on your patch and your loyalty, that is all. Want to join? Tell me what you can bring to the organisation and we will let you know