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  1. Refund Please

    I tried to redeem the prize but it will not work
  2. where is the game?? I bought the beta version
  3. drugs

    yeah i do
  4. drugs

    can you experience playing experience if you visit a cafe drink alcohol burn tobacco to pull drugs or engage in sports
  5. publication

    I bought a $ 15 fee for getting the game in the past
  6. publication

    what is the exact date when the game is released and can be purchased?
  7. kidnapping

    jos kidnapat jonkun, voitko laittaa silmänsä silmiin, että hän ei tiedä mihin mennä? Voivatko siviilit laittaa hänet lukkojen taakse?
  8. drugs

    if you're pulling drugs, do you feel better about it? walks faster? to aim more closely with ade? because it is compulsory to have some benefit, why else would you pull it and spend your money on it and risk your freedom? I hope to get this answer and if that is not the case, can it be added to the game.
  9. kuolema

    onko tällainen RP-palvelu, jossa kuolema koskee, esimerkiksi kuolema kestää 20-30min
  10. how soon do the country's own servers? Will there be RP games?
  11. dead

    if you kill someone and you stay on it you should become a 1 day imprisonment. I think it would be a good thing and would give the killer a little thought about how he kills when and where
  12. dead

    There must be something like waiting for 20-30 minutes before you get back to life
  13. what happens when you died? how long you are dead? This should come up with some realistic thing that does not really want to die?
  14. Mitä tapahtuu kun kuolet? Kuinka kauan olet kuolleena? Tähän pitäisi keksiä jokin realistinen juttu, jonka takia pakko välttää kuolemaa.