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  1. YOU DECIDE! Part 3

    Jeru Jones would more than likely be arrested than Dimitri Tsarnov considering that Mr. Tsarnov is pretty much a very well-organized mob-boss compared to the revolutionary guerrilla, Jeru Jones.
  2. [Insert Topic Regarding Release Date]

    I'm not necessarily concerned about that matter. I was actually mocking individuals that are producing 100s of topics complaining about the developers rather than simply sharing their thoughts within one topic in order to reduce clutter. Either way, upon the release date, the player base will be restored since the company will proceed to invest more time in advertising.
  3. [Insert an opinion about the developers, transparency, complaints, aggravations, delays etc... rather than posting this topic within the hundred other topics that are based on the identical subject.] I believe that this topic deserves it's own topic based on the sole idea that players should attempt to condense their complaints within one out of the hundred topics on this matter, rather than posting a topic for each person. Aside from that, who is interested in functioning as room-mates with either: 1. A political representative, author, and lawyer 2. Night-club owner, marijuana distributor, farmer, and guerrilla 3. Mobster, meat-shop owner, and fisherman
  4. YOU DECIDE! Part 3

    1. Damien Malik would contact Law enforcement officers regarding an individual that is threatening to assault and/or execute him. 2. Jeru Jones would travel to a more rural region of the Island in order to exit the vehicle and pull out his firearm on the suspect. 3. Dimitri Tsarnov would have several vans follow the subject, prior to leading the suspect in a warehouse. Afterwards, the suspect would be executed by his mobsters prior to slicing the suspect into miniature pieces and selling his meat within the market.
  5. Some of my suggestions.

    Thus, how could one character be "passed over to another server" when each server will consist of different characters? "Jason Brooks" of "Server B" should not be affected by the actions of "John Williams" within "Server A". It lacks realism.
  6. Some of my suggestions.

    I was informed that each player was provided with the ability to produce 2-3 characters per server.
  7. Some of my suggestions.

    It does not seem logical since the player would be a completely different character within the new official server. "Mike Williams" commits homicide within "Server A" in order for "Christopher Wallace" of "Server B" to be wanted for the actions of "Mike Williams" within "Server A"? It does not make any logical sense.
  8. Chop's Butcher Shoppe - Meat & Fish (HIRING!)

  9. Some of my suggestions.

    Each players produces a new character within each server. Thus, one could not mark the subject as a criminal if the player were to log into a different server since that server would consist of a completely different character.

    Is one referring to a mafia with players that exist within Africa due to "Timezone" purposes? Or, a mafia that consists of characters from Africa?
  11. Limo

    It's not the "Town Square Module" section. It's the "General Discussion" section titled as "Town's Square".
  12. Limo

    Players shall be capable of driving limousines when the full-game is released.
  13. SOUL'D OUT - Night Club, Restaurant, and Bar

    The post did not state that it was connected to The People's Revolutionary Party. The post merely explained the reason as to why Communists are forced to adapt to the Capitalist system, despite opposing the system. Your reading comprehension skills requires a bit of assistance. At this point, you're harassing and trolling my topic rather than attempting to contribute to the discussion as a mature human being ("Better Dead Than Red", correct?).
  14. SOUL'D OUT - Night Club, Restaurant, and Bar

    You presume that Communists should merely starve to death while being forced to reside under a Capitalist system. Your logic is heavily flawed since the Island is not Communist, yet. Your logic: 1. "How can you be a slave and oppose slavery? 2. "How can you oppose the feudal system as a peasant?" 3. "How can you oppose Capitalism by engaging in the Capitalist system for survival?" etc... I am well more familiarized about Communism than one could imagine. However, this pub is not about Communism. If you had read the original post to it's maximum potential, you would be aware that the pub is formed by a second character named "Jeru Joens" rather than "Damien Malik". Your weak ability to jump to conclusions suggests that you lack in critical thinking skills, since one merely jumped to conclusions without any understanding of the club. Where did this club state that it was connected to The People's Revolutionary Party? "State-employees" refers to the enforcers of the bourgeois-state. Hasn't one read "State and Revolution" by Vladimir Lenin if one claims to be knowledgeable on Communism? P.S. A lot of Communist groups utilize capitalist means towards attaining the necessary resources in order to combat against the bourgeois-state and bourgeois-system. I.E. Tax-based systems by The New People's Army within The Philippines in exchange for protection. Merely addressing that one cannot evade the capitalist system as a Communist when one resides within a capitalist system. Did one even read the previous posts stating that this is not a political forum? It is a night club, which is completely separate from the party.