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  1. I would not mind expressing that one cannot possess a "Communism State Party" since "Communism" involves completely abolishing the state, indicating that it is a "stateless" society. Question: Does the party believe that "Private Property" should be abolished? If not, then it cannot be classified as any where near a Socialist party. The correct terminology would be "Social-Democracy" rather than "Democratic-Socialist". P.S. I would recommend altering the abbreviation for the party since it would be confusing for "The People's Revolutionary Party" and "The People's Republic Party" to consist of "P.R.P.". By any chance, would it be suitable to alter the name of the party without losing it's meaning? "The Democratic-People's Republic Party" would be one of my suggestions.
  2. Mine-Ore Deposits Inc. (Mining Company)

    Thank you very much for the compliment.
  3. 🎄 Christmas event/update 🎅

    How about Kwanzaa and Hanukkah-related events, as-well?
  4. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    I had initially typed "Alpha" and then switched it to "Beta". You are right on point with this response and had even furthered my point. Thank you very much!
  5. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    As I write this fifteen paged essay assignment and ten-paged essay assignment, I clearly am not heavily concerned about his opinion on the matter since it is located amongst countless other individuals with hardly any activity within these forums prior to the release of the Town Square Module. One must understand that it's extremely challenging to take any of these individuals seriously when they refer to this module as a game, to begin with. It's one-third of the "Alpha" version of the original game. P.S. How does one rationalize with "IT'S A SCAM! THESE DEVS ARE SCAMMERS! IT'S A SCAM!". These posts are produced by newcomers that are not even aware of the stage of the game... it's an "Alpha" rather than the full-game. Examine the correlation of the posts within this topic. The individuals with over one-hundred posts are calm and aware that it is an alpha module while every one with less than fifty posts are screaming that the "Developers are scammers" for "Producing a broken GAME".
  6. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    You were informed, since the beginning, that the "Town Square Module" was a Alpha rather than a game. Yet, individuals continue to treat the beta as a full game. Edited: Changed "Beta" to "Alpha".
  7. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    Why does every one refer to this Beta-level module as a "Game"?
  8. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    In my eyes, presuming that spamming the forums with the identical posts, repeatedly, will result in attaining a refund or increasing the quality of the game at a much more rapid rate is "sticking your head in the sand". It is not any different from a prayer when one contradicts one's self by requesting for a refund from a set of developers that one deems to be scammer. In this case, I am referring to the multi-accounts of players spamming the forums. P.S. I do not believe that the developers are scammers.
  9. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    Individuals are literally shoving their heads into the sand by dedicating their time producing countless of anti-Identity posts within this forum when they could focus on other objectives.
  10. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    I had stated that "people" produce hundreds of posts. You are one of those people, contributing to thirty of those posts. You've already admitted that refunds are highly improbable due to technical issues. Thus, your solution towards attaining a refund involves spamming the forums, specifically when you've stated that the developers were scammers? It does not make any logical sense. I cannot image running up to a scammer while stating "Hey, give me my money back"... of course, it will not happen. P.S. I am not referring to the developers as a scammers.
  11. Character Names

    Identical to "ARMA III: Project Life", players were capable of possessing the identical first name with different last names or the identical last name with different first names. However, since a "Damien" already exists within the module, I cannot classify my self as "Damien Malik". I have been identified as "Damien Malik" for around two years. However, due to the current system in place, my character is currently known as "Damieno Malik", which is extremely ridiculous. Damieno Malik, Founder and Chair of The People's Revolutionary Party. Should be "Damien Malik".
  12. Realistic chess

    It is much more realistic when players and observers are expected to ensure whether any of the players are cheating. Hence, the reason as to why the current chess model is formed in such a manner. In reality, a human being is capable of putting a chess piece on any square-inch of the board. However, other human beings are expected to identify whether it was a valid or invalid move.
  13. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    99% of my posts are either within The Podium, Ideas & Suggestions, or The Pub, discussing the actual game that shall be completed in the future. The other 1% involves responding to individuals that are either too impatient or possess an inaccurate understanding of the purpose of this game.
  14. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    Question: How is life wasted when one is waiting for the game by engaging in their daily activities outside of the game? The only individuals that are wasting their life are the ones threatening to never play the game while producing hundreds of posts on the matter. P.S. Long live white-listed private servers.
  15. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    Not at all, one is merely suggesting that the module shall be updated frequently considering that a vast majority of games undergo updates in order to resolve bugs and issues. Unlike the complainer, I am much more patient with this game. You possess less than thirty posts within this forum. You're more likely to be a paid troll than my account.