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  1. Show me your apartment

    Take the default template of an apartment. This is how it stays. That's my apartment.
  2. Road Map

    I don't think he needs to contact a developer to know what's next (repeatedly for the same individual over and over after each patch) and what bugs they are going to fix next or what is their next big concern in terms of content, that is assuming they are to release a roadmap. It's a common thing to release a roadmap ad I would love to have one for Identity.
  3. Release status update?

    According to them, the game status is under Steam's control, so far they (Steam) are delaying it.
  4. ur new cheif

    I must say I really subscribed to this thread 'cuz it made me laugh so hard!
  5. R u Kiddin us??

    I would like to throw it out there since I think you've not seen it before, this module is the most focused and intense module as it is the very beginning of the game, further modules will be BASED UPON this MAIN MODULE (Town Square) and will be quicker to release. Of course, I doubt it'll take years like with this part, but consider this - a few more weeks of waiting is nothing compared to what we've had so far, then we get the real game and then we'll live on and see what else they offer us. Besides, I'm sure that once the game is out they'll get more budget and will allow to hire another full-time developer. Just an opinion, dunno if I'm being too optimistic or not but this is how I look at things.
  6. Basic Info on Characters

    RP Name: Dandi Mercer Description of character: One who remembers like literally everything, can be very productive if motivation is given, not a gold digger and not one that money interests him the most if offered - that's not a motivation in most times. Very sarcastic, smart, generous (but only to his friends & family) and prefers living with room-mates rather having his own place all to himself. What job do you want to have in Identity? One of two, or both: a lawyer or head of department in the government (preference to security if possible - NOT a police officer!). What city do you want to live in? Ash Hill. What are your goals in Identity? Reach the job I want to reach and improve from there.
  7. So better release it like that as it is? Unfinished? I would prefer seeing what took them so long, seeing what they aim when they say they did their best for our best experience in-game. I mean, we've been delayed several times, what's a bit more?
  8. Honestly speaking, I have faith that by the end of this month it'll be up & ready. If I'm wrong, then, well.. honestly, I'll still wait patiently, I just prefer having my own mini-dates and a very small expectation to keep myself in this game as long as I've got 0 access to it. Lol, but that's just me.
  9. Opinions.

  10. 12 Tasks left!

    OKAY! Quick run-up from the LIVE STREAM THEY ARE HOSTING RIGHT NOW (https://www.twitch.tv/identityrpg) - Module 1 (aka Town Square) is the one that took the longest as it has foundation features on it. After it, the guns stuff - will be MUCH quicker and will allow weapon control mechanics and testings in public. Third module - not too sure about it. About the task list - 4 days without any update so I guess they will update it after the stream OR someone's doing it during the stream.
  11. its been a week

    Still waitin' for the new site which should've arrived last week.
  12. Thank you Moderators

    Thank you guys, brilliant work all the mods & devs out there who are constantly working on Identity!
  13. in game business idea

    I think it'll be possible to buy several houses at a single server by a group of people and instead of renting it they will be a group who actually does this for business.
  14. As much as I dislike the delays and the hype I have for this game is so insane it's unreal and as much as the combination of the two does NOT go well together, I am 100% with them and the fact they don't repeat the same mistake and actually learn from past experiences of setting unrealistic deadlines like @JoelKeys said, actually makes me happy. In regards of the "grow the community", I'm sure I have done quite enough for the community as of right now, as there isn't much other than "so there's this future game...".
  15. The New Website

    From the 20th of April, "next week" is the week we just had since last Sunday. Another week will be 2 weeks, already delayed arrival of what was estimated to come by now.