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  1. First thoughts

    Can someone bring this girl some paper towels?
  2. Art in Town Square

    Feel free to post your fav. pictures from the art gallery. (the pictures are from random people)
  3. If you think Identity is ambitious...

    Can't see any roleplay elements....but nice try
  4. Where does everyone align politically?

    Im Facism
  5. Games keeping you occupied?

    A couple of bugs but its like SQUAD just in the 2WW i like it, cause theres no fucking COD Kiddies and tactical gameplay.
  6. Games keeping you occupied?

    Conan Exiles RP Post Scriptum AC Odyssey Im fine.
  7. Developer blog.

    Was Beach_Ball away?
  8. Watch out redeeming those Steam keys

    Shhhh guys dont feed another troll
  9. Getting Keys!

  10. Hello from germany

    Seid gegrüßt Landsmann
  11. Come On... Really?

  12. Apaches MC

    Are you aware of irony?
  13. SCUM the next step in gaming

    Thats what i said? ^^ Its hard to find enough food to survive. No hate about this game, it looks great and all of that but it wasnt what i expected and saw.
  14. Apaches MC

    Yeah Angels forever