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  1. Opinions.

  2. Everyone STOP!!!!

    Yeah and around 300 people to create and 250.000.000$ for development and advertising. But dont try to explain it to the kids here.
  3. The Elephant In The Room that most backers ignore !

    Impatient kids these days...
  4. What Was Your First Online Multiplayer RPG?

    Ultima Online Adults know what i mean
  5. Last task

    Post Nr. 375
  6. you have a team of devs but cant even test 1 thing

    Post Nr. 274
  7. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    Conan Exiles RP Server Dead by Daylight RimWorld Prison Architect
  8. What Will You Guys be Doing in Town Square

    I do: 1. Create my Char (I hope there will be more options then in the shown stream) 2. Investigate my Apartment and look what i can do there then furnish it until im satisfied 3. Testing the Emotes 4. Go to the Hotel Lobby and look around and search for everything i can interact 5. Go to the Karaoke bar and do the same as in the lobby 6. Go outside and investigate everything i can find 7. Go to the bike shop and look around cause i like the style of the interior 8. Go to Fashion Store and dress up my char 9. Looking for other players from my country 10. Light up my pipe and play chest like an old grown man 11. Maybe start some light RP 12. Repeat until module 2 comes out
  9. Taking too long!

    God its so annoying to see everyday another post about how long this takes. Does anybody these days know how long it takes to develop a game in this size with a small team?
  10. Hello from Germany :)

    Grüß dich Landsmann
  11. Omg I know when town Square is released

  12. Hey this isnt GTA wannabe kid thug MC this is identity
  13. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    Germany ftw