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  1. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of our system friend and you haven't read the full document. The majority's power in this system will be in check by the party's representative. So even if the majority votes on a policy that's terrible, if it is not within the constitutional bounds, it will be overturned by the Party Rep, thus it cannot be law. And the majority can't override the veto. You are also factually incorrect on your assumption that you could commit murder and get away with it in this system, yeah no. We have a department in our system that enforces the law and that department is led by yours truly. Secondly, no freedoms have been restricted under our system. You haven't read our entire constitution or its rights, or you would have known that. Every one of our people gets universal freedoms including these rights: 1. Freedom of Expression: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to express their opinion to the public, excluding hate-speech that may provoke acts of violence within the nation. 2. Right to Food: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to attain a three-course meal during the day. 3. Right to Water: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to sanitary water. 4. Right to Shelter: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to possess a dwelling place with a heating/cooling system, a bed, a fridge, a stove, and a roof over their heads. 5. Right to be Clothed: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to possess clothing in order to survive the cold and/or warm environments. 6. Right to Energy: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to possess energy within their dwelling place, including fuel for their vehicles. 7. Right to Healthcare: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to a doctor, hospital bed, and medication. Did you even read the entire thing before you made these grandstanding statements? And one more thing, stop trolling. If this isn't your kind of system, find one that's suitable for you. I'm sure there are other political parties and systems of governments for you to choose from but for the love of god, stop trolling.
  2. There has never been a more exciting time to join DOD's fantastic leadership team. The Department of Defense recently welcomed Anthory Falley as the new Commissioner of Defense and Chief Defense Policy Advisor to the PRP Chairman, and now we’re right-sizing the Department to meet the needs of today's challenges. New Online Membership Application The People's Revolunarty Party has a new online membership application for prospects interested in joining the party. If you have any questions, please contact me, Mirgul Thad, or our Founder, Damien. The application may be found here . We are looking for people to join our team. We know the ability to do good work begins with having the right people in the right places, so we've added four new positions and elevating one position in the Department. Open Positions: Deputy Commissioner of Defense This position is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Department and has direct oversight of three Assistant Commissioners and one Director in their respective areas. This includes the areas of Civilian Services, Department Services, Policy Affairs, and Human Resources. Assistant Commissioner, Department Services This person will oversee the Office of Department Services and implement grievance policies for department employees and will serve as the main point of contact for families. Assistant Commissioner, Civilian Services This new position will be dedicated to leading and overseeing the Office of Civilian Services. Duties include overseeing and supervising employee hiring policies as well as firing policies. Assistant Commissioner, Policy Affairs Under the authority of the Commissioner of Defense, this position will supervise and oversee the Office of Policy Affairs and will work closely with DOD divisions and offices for input on policies before submitting them to the Office of the Commissioner for review. If you are passionate about public service and helping people; then this is the perfect place for you! Please DM me if you're interested in joining the Department. Please check out our website for more! Thank you, Anthory Falley DOD Commissioner
  3. I'm Anthory, the commissioner of Defense for the party. You may use this link to connect with us via discord We hope to see you there.
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Anthory, current head of the Revolutionary Party's Department of Defense (DoD). I am looking for a deputy commissioner, a General of the Army, and the Inspector General of the Police department. Please message me via Message for more info. We could use the help. Thanks Anthory Falley Commissioner of Defense The People's Revolutionary Party
  5. Hi, WhiteHorn, I'm Anthory, the party's first Commissioner and only Commissioner at this stage, however, I am also the head admin for our website. We could use your services.
  6. I am super excited about the game!