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  1. Car Mechanic Specifics

    I know the third module is a long time away but this is my personal theory of how car mechanics should work and some more questions. I think car systems should be a mix between My Summer Car and Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, a mechanics system like that would force people to either learn how to work on their car themselves or bring it to a mechanic. I also have a few questions about how said systems would work, will there be a system like mine or one like GTA 5's menu which would cut out the mechanic middleman? As a person who plans to pursue a career in mechanics this is very worrying because it would cut a lot out of the game which is important to me. Will you be able to order parts to your house and install them yourselves?
  2. dont think this game will ever come out

    I was making fun of the guy that said they don't communicate enough. Lol.
  3. cost

    I | Ii II | I_
  4. dont think this game will ever come out

    Yeah why don't these stupid devs communicate with us more, its not like they have jobs!
  5. Karaoke Bar Song Requests

    Despacito, ring of fire, country roads take me home
  6. What are you looking forward to the most?

    I'm looking forward to singing Country Roads, Take Me Home and Ring of Fire over and over again in the karaoke bar.
  7. Which cars do you want to be in the game?

    Yessss Ford did the 2017 GT right.
  8. i told yall so

    Well what is listed is only the biggest problems that they have to divert the most time and effort into but behind the scenes they are working on the tons of small problems that probably make the game unplayable.
  9. Which cars do you want to be in the game?

    This is the topic ive been waiting for 1. 2014 Shelby GT500 2. 1965 Shelby AC Cobra 3. 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP500S 4. Of coarse the Delorean DMC-12 (please make it so we can put back to the future stuff on it) 5. McLaren 570 S 6. 1965 Shelby GT350 7. 1999 Honda Civic Type R (A lil something for the ricers) 8. 1989 BMW M3 E30 9. 1976 Pontiac Trans-Am Firebird 10. 2017 Ford GT We need to make being a mechanic a real job. I want to order and install my own parts. I want to take my engine apart piece by piece. I want to put wings on them and supercharge or turbocharge them. I want to put body kits on them and race them. I wanna make a mustang beat a Lamborghini. I want to engine swap cars. Us mechanics, the people who know what they're doing, meed a system like Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 or like My Summer Car.
  10. Which cars do you want to be in the game?

    Not tryna sound like a dick but the real car is called the Lamborghini Sesto elemento
  11. Which is the best Smartphone ?

    I just upgraded from a 6 to an 8. The 8 is absolutely perfect, no complaints, get the s for the bigger screen. my 6 used to lag in games, my 8 has no problem.
  12. A question about gameplay . . . (2 paragraphs)

    You will never find a legitimate roleplay server on DarkRP, on Gmod a good RP server is Santos RP. As for GTA 5 Online, no one will ever RP there so you will have to download FiveM, look it up its great. A great FiveM server is Department Of Justice Roleplay. The reason why these servers are great is because they are whitelisted, both of them require you to sign up of their website and have a minimum age requirement of 16. If your looking for a non-whitelisted FiveM server, my favorite is BadlandsRP. This should be enough to tie anyone over until town square.
  13. Happy 16,000 posts

    I claim 16,001.
  14. Pediction for March 2018

  15. Name the World

    Hugh Janus.