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Found 3 results

  1. Chauffeur Services London

    Our chauffeurs are handpicked to meet our very high standards. Each one is so much more than a driver. Our Chauffeurs have a vast knowledge of London, and the rest of the UK and always chooses the quickest and safest route for your transfer. All of our executive chauffeurs are highly professional individuals and are trained to the highest standard in customer service and client confidentiality enabling us to fulfil customer expectations. Whether it is a London Chauffeur service, luxury chauffeur driven cars London or Wedding Chauffeur in London, Kent or your chosen area we have the perfect chauffeur to meet your requirements.
  2. Hey Everyone (From London)

    Hey Everyone I'm Winterseye been a gamer since I was 4 and live in London. I am now 27 so iv'e played my fair share of games :P. I have played a few mmo's in my years , played WoW when it was in beta and I still tend to play from time to time. I have also played Second Life now for nearly 10 years. Recently iv'e got into FF Online and have played SWTOR but left after 8 months. I have some coding experience and have used unreal and unity before ^_^. I mainly do it as a hobby so I usually just fool around and make random games that make no sense. I am a massive tech nerd so pretty much anything tech that comes out I want it :P. Iv'e also repaired pc's since I was 10 and been family and friends tech support for as long as I can remember. If anyone needs any help with anything let me know but feel free to say hai either way Winterseye
  3. Welcome to The Peaky Blinders. One of the most feared and respected organisations around. Allies of the Luprano Family. The hierarchy of the Peaky Blinders: 1. Council of 6 - Highest ranking members 2. Officers - Run the lower ranks, bring issues to the Council of 6. 3. Enforcers - Enforce the Peaky Blinders rules on anybody (gang member/civilian/police/politician). 4. Hitmen/Assassins - Do the Council of 6 bidding. 5. Protection - Provide protection to members shops, businesses, Peaky Blinders businesses and provide protection to high ranking members. 6. Soldiers - Represent the Peaky Blinders on the streets, work your way up our ranks, attack rivals on sight, provide protection for Peaky Blinders. 7. Shop owners/Businesses - Shop owners who run their shops but aid the Peaky Blinders in providing guns/clothes/cars to us. We provide protection for them. Our Rules Are As Followed: Take the oath of silence Do not join a rival gang Do not aid the police in investigations regarding the Peaky Blinders Do not disrespect another member of the Peaky Blinders Always be loyal to the Peaky Blinders Be obedient How to join: PM peakyblinder (ME) Take the oath of Silence You must then complete the Initiation of the Peaky Blinders