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  1. Transport Services

    omg im so hypped for this game
  2. Drugs

    Hi, i dont know if you guys thought about it, but along with drug dealers you also should be able to try drugs and get high. This way you would not just be able to take the drug dealer as a career but you could also really sell drugs to another players and I think it'll be more fun to the dealers, cops and also for the players get high haha. You could add effects like nauseas, dizziness, psichodelical colors at the screen and stuff.
  3. Transport Services

    Hello, I'm a big fan of this project and I have some cool ideas for the game. I think that driver license should be a hard thing to get, like you should go to driving school and pass the test to get it. This way, the traffic of the game should be less chaotic and more fluid. So if you want to move through the city, you should try alternatives transportations like taxis, private transportation apps and collective transports(vans, minivans, buses and kombis). With this, you guys would generate more jobs and more realism. Also I would really like to see suchs as an classical vehicle as a kombi. It'll be really fun to drive through the city taking passengers to their destination, etc.