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Found 13 results

  1. Ariana Grande Needs a Job

    Hey guys, I am interested in joining and promoting any job out there, I somehow signed up for this game 2 years ago and decided to go with Ariana Grande My twitter: Especially interested in any news related or I guess entertainment jobs, dm me with any interest or reply on here.
  2. Bank ?

    Will you be available to found a bank in identity ? That would be really cool
  3. WAX LABS [18+]

    WAX Our vision here at WAX is to be the number one cannabis company in our world. From product and process innovation to market execution and transportation, we are driven by a passion for leadership therefore we will assure local dispensaries and or private clients to have absolute *A* quality medicine and Exclusive access to our Prodigious cannabis innovators, a true commitment to drive the industry forward here at WAX, and above all else, providing medical and recreational cannabis consumers the best possible experience. WAX is committed to being a responsible member of our community and industry wherever we operate. We pride ourselves on investing in and being the leader in creating solutions to cannabis-related issues. Now that we’re on the verge of global legal access to regulated, recreational , medicinal cannabis, we’re stepping up to do our part to ensure education and responsible use are at the forefront of the cannabis conversation. WAX will be the first to introduce the now standard concept of Compassionate Pricing, To the world of Identity, In Order To make medical cannabis affordable for patients and recreational users... From our cutting edge research at WAX, To our major exports of dried cannabis, we are proud of our accomplishments. Here’s to Future Growth. Staff PRESIDENT Bill is the President of WAX. Bill has been a key driver of the WAX Vision, ensuring that patients and healthcare practitioners choose WAX as their trusted source of cannabis for medical purposes. This includes overseeing medical and patient outreach strategy, driving operations and advancing corporate market strategy in order to grow and progress the company and industry as a whole assuring all receive equal factoring information and service. EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AND CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER CFO is responsible for the accounting operations, financial systems, and the financial planning capabilities at WAX. VICE PRESIDENT, GOVERNMENT RELATIONS The GRVP is responsible for the process of trying to influence the government to make changes to the law to suit the needs of our cannabis patients and or future recreational users assuring at all time we as a company / industry stays within IDENTITY guidelines Laws And Regulations Maintaining any necessary Licensing and or Tax PARCEL enacting the ability to Manufacture / Distribute Cannabis In Its Many Ways Shapes And Forms. WAX is hiring persons to represent the company in public policy as it continues to increase its government relations within IDENTITY VICE PRESIDENT MEDICAL MVP is our link to the senior government official designated to head of medical services, The post is held by a physician who serves to advise and lead our team of medical experts at WAX on matters of public health importance and any and all adjustments to public health regulations allowing us to manufacture and distribute our cannabis infused products. SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND STRATEGIC EXPANSION SVP is our executive responsible for assisting the PRESIDENT with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives, continuing our growth and impact within IDENTITY. CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER CMO Is responsible for marketing activities for WAX. The CMO leads brand management, marketing communications (including advertising, promotions and public relations), market research, sales management, product development, distribution channel management, pricing, and customer service. PRODUCTS Dried Flower No matter what the brand or variety, our Company prides itself on growing only the highest quality cannabis that meets and exceeds the requirements of the most stringent regulatory environments in the world, We vigorously follow industry best practices for cultivation, harvest, cure, trim and packaging, using only the highest quality nutrients and state of the art growing techniques in our production processes. Oils + Concentrates Using high-quality inputs, we produce cannabis extracts using state-of-the art supercritical fluid CO2 extraction technology our innovators have introduced to us back in 2013. This process extracts the major cannabinoids (THC and CBD), as well as the minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that contribute to the overall medicinal value of medical cannabis, resulting in a highly concentrated resin which can then be dissolved in a food oil carrier to comply with government regulations In some Areas and to make it easier to administer orally. We produce cannabis oil products with different ratios of THC and CBD in order to meet the unique medical needs of our customers residential or commercial. Edibles {Coming Soon After A Medical VP For More Details} Seeds {Coming Soon After GRVP Hired … Seeds will only be sold for licensed home growers} Investors: {Coming Soon} Transportation / Delivery System:{ComingSoon} Application For Hire: {Coming Soon Need more info If Im Allowed To Start This Business And What are My Requirements} Our WorkPlace Vision The Cooperate Office The Manufacturing Facility “This here is just the beginning layout of our company many things are subject to change in the near future as more intel gets to me about IDENTITY and what will or wont be done company logistics analytics personnel and service are subject to change more details and information will be presented here”
  4. TrafficKing

    I'm looking for players that would be interested in working together in a mafia style organization or secret society that could span all aspects of this game from legit legal business to all forms of illegal activity to gain power and accumulate the financial high ground early and take hold of the real estate market on the official servers as they are at this point the only finite resource in the game and can only gain equity with time as well as provide staging grounds for the exclusively criminal aspect of our forces ( street level gang bangers) to stage forward bases and take over valuable "turf" as well as a steady form of income (rernt) from properties not being currently used as staging grounds. The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
  5. Money System Ideas

    Money System Ideas Concept Firstly I would like to explain my concepts then I will go into more detail for some additions to the money system (some may be in the game or they may be in planning, I don't know what they have planned.) What I was thinking of is different states of money such as Dirty money (Money obtained unlawfully) Clean money (Money obtained lawfully). I will now explain what systems could be added. Clean Money The use of Clean money would be to use to buy items for your person, house ext... And you would be able to deposit the money into a bank or the game equivalent and also inside your house. This type of money you could use anywhere and you would not have to do anything to it to use it at all places. Dirty Money The way you would get Dirty money is by robbing a bank or any other big place that would have a large amount of money. The way this money could come into play is if there is a bank robbery instead of the robbers being able to deposit the money into the bank and it would be safe. It would add an extra "cleaning" method you would have to do. This would involve a system of if you had $10,000 of dirty money you would have to pay 20% of the money you want to be cleaned. If you choose not to clean the money you would not be able to deposit the money into a bank but would have to store it in your house or yourself, So if the police found dirty money on you they could investigate where the money came from. Notes There could be a few other ways you could gain dirty money through "black market" trades with players (it would be up to the players if you want dirty money or clean) The police could have a system on their computers to check if the money you have is dirty money. Such as if you got pulled over by the police and you had $10,000 on you they would question you why you had that amount on you and if you don't have an explanation they could run the money through a computer and see if its dirty (involved in a robbery) or clean (legally obtained) This is my second suggestion check my first suggestion out here :
  6. Bank robbery ideas

    I would like if you can decide on your own, if you do it like, loud and just run in with weapons, or that you do it smart and tactical like in GTA 5 Heists, with the smoke grenades and like hack the cameras and eventually a tunnel (if possible) and a getaway car, fake ID cards. You know, just very tactical and smart... But you can decide it on your own, not like GTA 5. If you need more ideas for tactical robberies. just watch videos online The thing I would like the most is the hacking of the cameras or/and bank pc!
  7. Stealthy Heist

    Hey guys do any if you know if you could possibly commit a heist using stealth, like payday 2? or will heists be always loud?
  8. Three questions

    I've got three questions, which I have been wondering about the past few days. I have writen them down, and chosen to make one single thread to these questions, so I ain't making a whole bunch of threads. Question 1: How is payment gonna work? Is it like an app on your mobile, which's connected to your bank account, which can transfer money from one person to another - just like MobilePay, which we've got here in Denmark, or is it like paying with your creditcard in the store? And what if you just want's to give your friend some money, which isn't business related? Do you then have to withdraw the amount of money at an ATM, or can you transfer the money via the bank's website on your computer? Question 2: What about delivery of buses, trucks and/or other large vehicles? Will it be a transport company (or an NPC) which comes with the vehicle on a flatbed trailer, or do you have to pick up the vehicle by yourself? Question 3: What will happen when all apartments and houses is sold/rented out to players? What will new players have to do, if there isn't available houses/apartments?
  9. The Bank

    So let's talk about banks. I know there will be a bank in the game, but bankers in real life make great deals of money. Would there be a banker job in the game? Someone who decides whether you can get a loan, as well as other things. Also bank security?
  10. Debit Cards

    I think there should be a safer alternative to carrying cash with you at all times for people to steal if they kill you. (Of course I'm hoping the immersion makes it very unlikely that you will be randomly killed), but I think that debit cards that are associated with whatever bank you make a checking account with and are not dropped when you die.
  11. Who we are We are a group of people who buy and loan. We mainly loan people money with slight interest on top. Along with the loans we need a deposit on the loan, depending how big the loan is this could be anything from a piece of art to your home. We also buy/sell homes and any property straight of the bat. Who we need I need a couple of confident people who can manage separate deals and please the clients. I need some people who are good at math and can calculate exactly what deposit needs to be taken. I also need a third party debt collector agency *Will add more soon*
  12. Dollabank Job Listing

    Accountant: Keeping track of all of our clients accounts is no easy task. Although we are a small LLC we expect to have several sources of open debit or credit. As an accountant, it is your job to make sure that all this money and dept is kept track of. Without you, our business would surely fail. This position is all about trust. You will start with a few small accounts and work your way up to more and larger accounts. As an accountant you will make a set salary paid out daily based on the amount and size of accounts you manage. Salesman: Salesmen are the face of the company. As a salesperson it is your job to strike deals with the citizens of Identity. You will then write down and transfer the details of the contract made with clients and give this information to the accountants to keep track of. A great deal of charisma is required to fulfill this position. You are what the world sees first of our company. As a salesmen you will make a commission based off of the size and the amount of accounts you open. An option is available to take a salary with a smaller commission, but this is optional. Debt Collector/Repo: We run a peaceful business here at Dollabank. Here our employees abide by the law and handle currency. Violence is not in our nature. Here at Dollabank our way of violently collecting a loan is simply to deny you credit. However we realize that once people have money they seldom want to give it up. Especially if they just bought a new car or house. However, people also forget, that the money used to buy that house or car, wasn't theirs. If someone uses money that isn't theirs to buy a new house or a car, that house or car isn't theirs. If you work in repo it is your job to make sure that everyone really owns what they claim to and if they don't, fix it. Please PM uncannierlink with your application if you wish to work for Dollabank.
  13. DollaBank

    Hey! Need some money? Well you've come to the right place. Dollabank is a small company that wishes to contribute to the growth of economy by administering loans as well as giving interest payments to those who open accounts with us. If you need capital to start that business you've always wanted to run or you wish to make a long term, FDIC insured(pending) investment we provide plans and services for all of these and more! Here at Dollabank we know the value of money. We know the freedom it allows people to have and we know how important it is for consumers to have money. Money is so important, without it the world would stop turning! Don't you hate it when you ask someone for money and they say no? Well at Dollabank this almost never happens! (unless you have a bad credit history). We value our industrious clients who contribute to the local economy by starting new businesses and creating competition, making everything better for the consumer. Also, We're Hiring! See our post in the Job Bank for More Details.