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Found 3 results

  1. Bank robbery ideas

    I would like if you can decide on your own, if you do it like, loud and just run in with weapons, or that you do it smart and tactical like in GTA 5 Heists, with the smoke grenades and like hack the cameras and eventually a tunnel (if possible) and a getaway car, fake ID cards. You know, just very tactical and smart... But you can decide it on your own, not like GTA 5. If you need more ideas for tactical robberies. just watch videos online The thing I would like the most is the hacking of the cameras or/and bank pc!
  2. Like let's say a thug points a gun at you and asks for wallet and phone. Or a bank robbery is taking place and you're being kept hostage.Or a random crazy stranger just comes up to you and kills you with a weapon. I still don't know much about the specific of this game but considering that this is a Life rpg, it is to be suspected.
  3. Crack Heist Team

    Hi I'm a guy that needs money to fund a little business of mine and I'm looking for a crack heist team to hire so far I've got an expert hacker and lockpicker all I need now is: -A demolitions expert -A sniper -A badass -A guy that doesn't cooperate -An escape driver.