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  1. I know, the release will not be on Monday, but on the old side there was 89% and now on the new side, it is definitely more than 11%.
  2. I already know that, but... I don't know...
  3. As an admin of a private server, what admin functions do you have? So like an admin menu with kick out of jobs, ban, kick, remove/add money? Have a good day!
  4. Hi, will the official server only be English in the voice chat? Or will it be like: English server, German server, Italian server, so the voice chat is in the selected language.
  5. Bank robbery ideas

    I would like if you can decide on your own, if you do it like, loud and just run in with weapons, or that you do it smart and tactical like in GTA 5 Heists, with the smoke grenades and like hack the cameras and eventually a tunnel (if possible) and a getaway car, fake ID cards. You know, just very tactical and smart... But you can decide it on your own, not like GTA 5. If you need more ideas for tactical robberies. just watch videos online The thing I would like the most is the hacking of the cameras or/and bank pc!
  6. Okay... What is with a holster under the arm... On the side... So. Not on the chest... On the side of your body yk. Like... FBI?!
  7. Headphones

    I mean like that you can plug your headphones into your phone or notebook... or something like that. and then you can hear music and the other sounds around you are very quiet. Like if you have over-ear headphones the sounds around are quite and if you have in-ear Headphones the sounds are a little bit louder.
  8. Headphones

    I would like it if there are headphones in the game for smartphones, laptops, a computer, modern car, whatever.