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    Ignore him and if harasses me possibly get the attention of the police - like any selfish human being Otherwise y'know.. get in a bar fight... either way I'm not complaining.
  2. Task Tracker 4 days and counting..

    Perhaps it's because they're launching the new website and they just showed off the town square.. otherwise idfk

    'Use a marijuana'

    'Jump' 'Jump' 'Jump' 'Spacebar'
  5. (9 o'clock-ish british time I think maybe possibly)
  6. What will you RP in identity?

    Production of narcotics... maybe some fishing and hunting in my free time y'know Get a nice RV, get some work done and probably just expand my horizons afterwards
  7. Bank Heist Crew

    Although I plan on producing narcotics as a core job I could help as a chemicals expert susing stuff like Thermite (like they do in Payday 2) Maybe even someone to take out the camera or drill the vault open (if we cannot get the bank managers card) I've played Payday 2 for 54 hours (according to steam) so got some experience.
  8. El Pozolero from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands because why not amiright.
  9. Police Equipment

    That was really in depth, nice! Loved the Ford prisoner transport van Some of the more basic stuff I was thinking about: Badge that you can show to people Notepad for writing people up and parking duty (issuing tickets)
  10. What guns do you want to see?

    Not a gun but: Switchblade for all your mugging needs Again not a gun but: Tear gas For the last in the non-gun series: CZ Ultimate Hunting Rifle (UHR) : Beretta 692 Sport 12 Gauge: Benelli Super 90 (Or any other benelli shotgun in history ever): L85a2 (gas powered, quality british gun): Meme: Most of these aren't suggestions for police guns apart from a few such as the L85a2, super 90, tear gas.
  11. Traffic Cop

    Oh lol guess you're right 'Traffic ticket quotas are illegal under most state laws and they tend to get reported by the cops on whom they are imposed'
  12. Don't know about you but I'd love to be a traffic cop that needs to meet a quota. Issuing tickets and stuff like that, could be great fun and would stop people from parking in the middle of the road without getting into trouble.
  13. Suggestions for Cars & More

    Ford Transit Van ANY LOWRIDER EVER
  14. Hunting traps (for animals ofc)

    Best stick to normal kill shot hunting then
  15. As the title suggests, not just traditional hunting with guns but also traps such as leg-hold traps etc. which can be seen fit to be made illegal or legal. Obviously due to morality issues it would be quite a source of controversy in identity I should imagine. Inhumane Traps that could be illegal/legal depending on the governments choice: 1. Leg hold trap Traps the limb of an animal keeping pelt un-damaged 2. Conibear trap Invented by Frank Conibear in 1957 who wanted to create an alternative to leg-hold traps that would kill the animal instantly. Unfortunatley though it usually just results in 'seriously injured and suffer[ing] for many hours or days before being found by trappers' 3. Snare trap 'The snare, though simple in design, causes immense suffering to any animal who encounters one. A wire loop is placed along a traveling path where the animal will walk through it.' 4. Bear traps... everyone knows what a bear trap is. Human traps Trapping pits (maybe not lol) - Trapping pits are deep pits dug into the ground, or built from stone, in order to trap animals. Like cage traps they are usually employed for catching animals without harming them. Simple Cage Traps (live) - Designed to catch live animals in a cage Deadfall traps - 3 notched sticks and a stone, crushes animal quick and easy to make. This was just a thought of mine to make hunting a bit more fun I also thought that maybe (because it should be quite hard to find animals) you should be able to follow footprints and see how fresh droppings are to find the animal in question. Give your thoughts if you want to I g u e s s .