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  1. Precision Manufacturing Unlimited

    Wish you the best of luck in your business venture!
  2. Post about your company here!

    Thank you @LuciousTimes for your post to my thread. Unfortunately I believe your organization characterizes as a political organization that has buisness in it and not necessarily a business itself. The buisnesses apart of this organization can gladly advertise here if they would like. Best regards ~Dolore
  3. Anonymous

    I for one completely agree with everything that was said. Couldn't have done it better myself! ~Dolore
  4. Post about your company here!

    I would like to welcome Keys High-End Apparel as the second business on the Identiy business list. Welcome! ~Dolore
  5. Thomas Hetch for governer

    Yes I understand that but over and over again you have stressed low taxes for business and for personal along with exellcent healthcare, strong police force, and a clean government all of which are very expensive to maintain. So I'm just curios where the majority of the income will come from?
  6. Thomas Hetch for governer

    First I want to say good luck in the campaign and second, how are you going to keep the government funded (paying for health care, welfare, employees, police, etc)? ~Dolore
  7. Post about your company here!

    My apologies. I misunderstood. Best regards ~Dolore
  8. Post about your company here!

    I understand people want to advertise there business but the shouldn't do it on a thread we're the owner doesn't want there name but only the type. I made this post allowing people to advertise so they don't have advertise on a thread that dosent want there name. Best regards ~Dolore
  9. Post about your company here!

    If anyone still posts the name of there business you can just redirect them here. Best regards ~Dolore
  10. List of Confirmed Businesses

    @Qlight123 The owner of this thread would like your type of business such as public transportation, weapons store, etc and not the name. If you want to post your company name and a bit about it, head over to my thread which list all buissness in identity ~Dolore
  11. Post about your company here!

    Lol probably. Hopefully though with your recent change, people will know not to put there company name.
  12. Post about your company here!

    WELCOME TO IDENTITY'S BUSINESSES This is a thread where local business owners can reply to the thread saying their business name and possibly giving details about the business. This is a place of free advertising for all of the businesses identity has to offer. This thread will hopefully become a popular place where new comers or veterans of identity could come and find any business they are looking for. I would like to give credit to @Capped for creating a post about business types. I thought I could do a spin off and create a thread of business names. Thank you Capped for giving me the idea. List of Businesses in identity ARMA INC Arma Inc. is a gun shop where we make the guns and sell them. We are looking for people who can be active. Establish March 13, 2017 Will be a multi sever business Currently hiring ________________________________________ Keys High-End Apparel We make high quality formal clothing and accessories. Our primary market is men, however we do cater for women also. Establish December 6, 2016 Will be on the official server European Sever Currently hiring ________________________________ Global Transportaion The No.1 Global Public Transportation company. Cheap, reliable and fast travel. Will possibly become a Multi Sever business Not yet hiring Business Post _______________________________ Rezix Transport Efficient and Secure transport solutions Established: January 13 No longer hiring *Name~ Template for adding your business into this thread. *required Brief 2-5 sentence description~ Established~ Is it a Multi Sever business~ Hiring~ Link to original thread~ IMPORTANT The only way to be added is to comment about your business down below. I will only add businesses that post about their business in the comment section. This thread is constantly being updated and improved. ~Dolore
  13. Occulta Family

    Hello sir but I belive you have posted this in the wrong section of the forums. This section is for businesses such as retail stores and transportation company's. This however would fall into the crime section of the forums. I suggest you should contact a moderator to have them transfer this. Best regards ~Dolore
  14. Roseport Manufacturing

    I like to welcome my new employees, @Max_42 and @GryphHunter to Roseport Manufacturing. We plan are starting to update the post regularly. We welcome all businesses. Best Regards ~Dolore
  15. Roseport Manufacturing

    Thank you @Scottv10