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    BUY STAR CITIZEN or At least look at the website, it is a successful game that has amazing game and i basically the space version of what identity dreamed it would be, buy STAR CITIZEN
  2. A BIG thank you

    I was SO looking foward to playing this and becoming a Multi Trillionare CEO
  3. Plans for Identity

    Vote your choices for what you want to do in identity!
  4. Town square release

    I just got rdr2 and it is getting my mind off identity, but I cannot do anything because I have a $900 bounty in the only town I’m aloud in, I just started chapter 2
  5. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    Well then the government hill have to step in to help. And if they can’t do that. Half the server is doomed. there will be a server-wide war. Server War 1 (I don’t mean to insult ww1)
  6. Getting Keys!

    Yeah! We’re Identi-fans
  7. Getting Keys!

    don't get a refund yet... wait...

    You put this under "Town Square" "general discussion"

    No, but it would be funny watching the police chase everyone around and arrest them!
  10. Making a living

    No what I mean is what will my living conditions be as cop in... lets say... Ash Hill! will I be able to get at least a 1 bedroom apt. or maybe a 2 or 3 bedroom if I am with a roommate and what kind of car would I buy, old, new, sedan, SUV, Sports car? Will I be able to afford decant furniture? these answers could change the path I take in identity! please respond :<
  11. Anyone need an assassin?

    I’m a tryhard in gta online, I am used to killing players of all kinds. Need help?
  12. Making a living

    Yeah, but I don’t think the LAPD will be showing up anywhere on the island.
  13. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    none of those answers are right and what i mean by "battle" is that if two players want the same house they will have to bid on prices and the loser can just join another server and buy that home again!
  14. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    when i get into the game for the first time... with no home, car, or money... can i call a cab or walk to the police station and apply for a job there aprox 8 mins after i got in...
  15. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    No, because it will defeat the purpose of a “Realistic MMORPG.” Because an “enter button” isn’t REALISTIC!