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Found 9 results

  1. *Everything is subject to change *This is new, everything is a concept Welcome to IFM ( Identity Furniture Manufacturers ), at IFM we manufacture top of the range furniture to suit your living needs. We specialize in manufacturing all types of furniture from the mat on your floor to the keyhole on your door. At IFM we do our best to ensure that our customers are fully looked after and are able to purchase the furniture they desire. We give our customers a free 12 month, money back guarantee of any puchase they make above $65. Our main goal is to offer a wide variety of furniture to attract the most amount of customers that we possibly can and give opposing corporations a difficult chance of offering you more. Our Products We will be manufacturing many types of furniture, including but not limited to, beds, carpets, desks, tables, chairs and sofas. Our furniture will have unique designs from the rest of the market and each item will be available in different colors and patterns. Corporation Structure ( And Open Positions ) ( More Positions To Be Added ) C.E.O - 6Shay | Head Of Manufacturing - OPEN Head Of Marketing - OPEN Head Of Security - OPEN | | | Manufacturer (0/3) - OPEN Marketer - OPEN Security Guard (0/2) -OPEN
  2. I would be very interested in designing and manufacturing weapons. If your team could implement anything like this that would be awesome! Reply if anyone has any more ideas on how this would be implemented into the game.
  3. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share an idea about Electric and plug-in Hybrid vehicles. Being a person who pre-ordered a Tesla model 3 and an enthusiast of Electric Vehicles naturally I thought I should share this on Identity. In reality, I am the first in my family to make a pledge to never in my life touch a petrol or diesel pump and so far I have gone with my promise. I think that Identity should have a few Hybrid and fully Electric vehicle models to satisfy everyone in both your average vehicle sector and premium sports vehicles. I don't know if you need to put petrol in your cars in Identity but if you do I think it would be a cool idea to have some charge point infrastructure around the map but much smaller than that of Petrol stations to simulate the real world. Many companies offer home charging points and the Developers did say that you will have some limited exterior customization and this would be a neat little addition to charge your car at home. Minor public Network but possibility to open your own network as a business and set charge prices, parking etc... Manufacturers could produce these. Doesn't it take longer to charge than filling up a tank with petrol? Well... Yes, at home charging points it takes hours where as at public DC points it takes minutes. The way this could work in Identity is just to extend recharging times to something like 5x or 6x longer than it takes to fill petrol depending on the power output and vehicle. Electric Vehicle range can vary from 100 miles to 200 miles to 300 miles on a single charge, people can enjoy the instant torque on some EV models and more storage in vehicles for transport. Is this idea practical? That's up to you all to determine but I know that with instant torque ill be happy with any Electric vehicle that could be released in Identity. There is a lot of vehicle diversity so why not add a few charge points to the identity map, flare things up a bit and offer home owners and business owners the opportunity to install charge points to get more customers. Electric vehicle charging could open more possibilities for manufacturers to produce and deploy charging points for homes and stations, could you buy land to set up your own network? It would be cool to do something like that from land you might own (Not just charging, general ownership and management of land for whatever you want) What do charge points look like? That really depends on the country and county then companies like Tesla have their own network of Superchargers which charge your vehicle for 80% in 30 minutes (They can also use public stations) Here is a look at various charge points globally: The costs: Your average regular electric vehicle can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 while premium EV's (Electric Vehicles) can be from $65,000 to $115,000 and sports electric vehicles up to $200,000 Elected officials could amend rules based on Electric vehicles too, introducing or removing incentives and free or paid charging point access at government charge points (Excl. Privately owned) Here is a look at some common electric vehicles from each category: Tesla Model 3 ($28,000 - $35,000 standard version) Nissan Leaf (Avg. $27,000 standard version) Hyundai Ioniq (Avg. $20,000 Standard) Tesla Model X (From $80,000 - $115,000+ Premium Electric SUV) BMW i3 (From $35,000) BMW i8 (From $115,000) The question is, what do you all think? I know some people like the roar of an engine or find it unattractive to charge your vehicle but personally I firmly believe it would be a nice addition to Identity, the developers could always just make 2 or 3 models and a hybrid or two then see how it performs then offer more options in future updates. I hope I can own one of the above in Identity, thank you all! Regards, Air
  4. Precision Manufacturing Unlimited

    Precision Manufacturing Unlimited Identity's forerunner in Manufacturing and Raw Material Mining. Company Mission Statement: It has been stated several types by the developers that the majority of products available for purchase would be produced in every stage by other players. There are many ambitious people and companies in Identity, they have entire business models developed, but they have one major oversight. They have nobody to produce the products that they want to sell. Nobody to supply the raw materials required to make every single product in Identity. This is where Precision Manufacturing Unlimited would come in. There is a large market share that is up for grabs, and we at Precision Manufacturing Unlimited believe that we can seize the opportunity. There is a large amount of money to be made in this field, and we need your help to do it. Employment Requirements Must own a functional microphone(by the release of the first module) Must be 15 or older(Some exceptions made) Must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) Services Basic Manufacturing: We will produce many products for wholesale purchase by stores and companies(electronics, clothing, ect.). This aspect of our company will be the centerpiece of our business model, accounting for most of our initial revenue stream. Raw Material Mining: We will mine our own Raw Materials, and sell the excess Raw Materials. We essentially will not have to buy any materials for our products from another company. Keeping as many aspects of our company in-house as possible is a priority for us. This is a cost cutting measure and also ensures that our company branches out into many fields. Renting Equipment/Space: We will rent out our equipment and space to both individuals and companies. Along with helping individuals who wish to manufacture their own product, but do not have the means to do so(equipment, materials, space, ect.) we will rent our equipment and space to large companies as well. This gives us a passive revenue stream to fund our future projects and ventures. Consulting/Risk and Logistics Assessment: In creating this large company we will gain valuable experience. We will eventually branch out into the consulting field, to help others grow or create their own business. We will determine the costs and risks in doing so, and will attempt to minimize the chance of failure by utilizing our vast knowledge in the field. This is a long term goal and is not apart of our main business model, but hopefully will be a promising new revenue stream for us. Job Openings Owner(1/1):shadeymatt(Augusto Vallone) The owner will be mostly hands off, the company will be mainly run by the CEO and CFO. CEO(1/1): Andrew811(Andrew Cirone).The CEO will be in charge of the overall management of the business, but will leave all day to day responsibilities to the Division Leaders and Shift Managers. They must be experienced in management and leadership, and will require an extensive interview. CFO(1/1): yellowhero12(Ambrogio Vallone) The CFO will be in charge of managing the company's finances. They must be experienced in mathematics and accounting, and will require an extensive interview. Division Leader(1/2): We will be splitting the Manufacturing and Raw Material operations, each will have a Division Leader who will report back to the CEO,CFO and Owner. They must be experienced in management and leadership, and will require an extensive interview. Shift Manager(0/2): The shift managers will be in charge of managing of operations and employees. There will be 1 Shift Manager in each division. They will be able to hire and fire at their own discretion, but will make weekly reports to the division leaders. One of their many responsibilities is to run the Human Resources department and to manage the many Employee Benefits. A functional microphone is crucial for this job. Floor Manager(0/4): Floor Managers will be in charge of day to day operations on the production line. They will not be able to hire employees, but will be able to fire employees in their section for poor performance. They will report directly to the shift manager. A functional microphone is crucial for this job. Production Line Employee(0/?): Production Line Employees are the core workforce of Precision Manufacturing Unlimited, the interview will not be very extensive, but quality work is expected. There is a large opportunity for upward mobility. Employee Benefits Note: For all units of time, Red will indicate IRL time, and Blue will indicate ingame time. Unlike many other companies, Precision Manufacturing Unlimited provides many benefits to all of our Employees1. If an employee works for Precision Manufacturing Unlimited for 2 Months they will be granted tenure. Their contract will not be terminated for 3 Months.2 1 Week severance pay after working for 2 Months.2 A reference to any future employer after working for 1 Month.2 Reference 1: Barring breach of the NDA or employees terminated due to poor performance 2: Barring termination due to breach of the NDA or poor performance Precision Manufacturing Unlimited's future is promising Will you be a part of that future? PM me(yellowhero12) or reply directly to this post if you are interested in applying for a job.
  5. Hello, Citizens of Identity. I'm Jppeer123 and I'm talking to you as founder, CEO and spokesperson of Explorer Electronics and Gun Corp. We specialise in Private and Military use! We're currently looking for employees to join the company in 4 branches: Research and Development Manufacturing Security Office We are going to try and make the best Electronics and Guns on the Island, even if we cannot be the best... We'll always strive for the best quality! Bonuses: The regular employees (Manufacturing and Office) are going to have free medical care, free car reparations and our products are cheaper for them. You will also be able to buy our products before they're even released! Guards (Security) are going to have free access to the whole Explorer™ arsenal and they're going to have the perks that regular employees also have. Scientists (R&D) are going to have free access to all the Explorer™ electronic products (for testing ONLY) and they're going to have the perks that regular employees also have. If you're interested in joining, just PM me with the following information: Name: Age: Why do you want to join: Discord (You don't have to give this, but it's just for easy communication): Extra things you want to add: I hope this post has persuaded you to join our company in 1 of these 4 branches! - Sincerely, Jppeer123 (CEO and Founder of Explorer Electronics and Gun Corp.)
  6. Global Trust Inc.

    Global Trust Incorporated Global Trust is a multi-industry corporation focused on the manufacturing and finance sectors. The corporation will begin its focus on a supply and demand basis, balancing out the need for certain items and attempting to produce all merchandise from scratch. We're looking to maximize profit for our shareholders and ensure our employees have a stable career path to take off on. (More information to be included)
  7. Global Trust Incorporated Global Trust Inc. is a multi-industry corporation focused on manufacturing and finance. GT specializes in balancing the supply and demand market, and taking advantage of extremely efficient manufacturing techniques to maximize the profit margins. The goal is to begin in manufacturing as soon as possible, and then use the capital to tap into the finance sector as well. Why Global Trust? Many of you may be wondering what Global Trust has to offer, or whether or not you're capable of joining the team. Well, I assure you that we have a position for everyone. Global Trust provided its employees with an extensive list of benefits and bonuses to ensure a positive workplace. What makes Global Trust excel over the other corporations? Global Trust Inc. offers its employees the safest and most stable career path in the community, while allowing plenty of room for growth. We still believe in the concept that if you work hard, it will pay off and you will eventually make it to the top, or in Global Trust's case, the Board of Executives. Employment Application Please answer these questions honestly, thoroughly, and to the best of your ability (and in character). All applications will be considered and voted on by the Board of Executives. Please note that Global Trust Incorporated is an equal opportunity business. We are currently in demand for these positions: Lawyers, general employees (workers), transportation specialists --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Name: Last Name: Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY): Gender (M/F): What do you believe you are most qualified to do here at Global Trust (Position)? What do you believe you have to offer that would be beneficial to the team? Why are you interested in employment at Global Trust? Do you understand that you may be required to take part in an interview to receive a position? Do you understand that violating your contract of employment or the company's policies may result in your removal? Lastly, if you agree to pledge your loyalty to the corporation and its entities, please sign your name here: ___________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you -Jeff Skinner, residing CEO
  8. Hello. I recently had a thought spring to mind, that being how the making of items in game will be. With my field being fashion, I am most interested in how the attire manufacturing system will work, it would be a major letdown if the only clothes I could make was by mixing and matching presets to make a new unique item, i.e picking a predefined set of arms to go with a predefined set of pockets to go with a predefined set of lapels etc. On the other hand, I dont see you making us 3D model fully customised clothing, so I am very interested to know how this system will work.
  9. Donaldson & Guns -We supply the protection- [---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] Check out our new website! [--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] Our Goals At Donaldson & Guns, we strive to supply the best source of protection one could ask for. Our firm provides protection to any and all, seeking the protection of a firearm. Donaldson & Guns is a completely legal firm, with no holdings in crime or any other form of illegal activity. Every firearm and weaponary produced is of the highest standard and factory new. About Us For 15 years Donaldson & Guns has produced the highest condition of firearms and weaponry for Government run organisations to simple shop owners. Our weapons and ammo are manufactured in a top tier factory, where they are precisely designed for maximum efficiency. Once built, they are stored and shipped to any destination the buyer requires. Accordingly, Donaldson & Guns guarantees perfect condition of all weaponry and firearms to be delivered swiftly and safely, or your money back. Our Services Pick the firearm of your choice: Every firearm can be bought at Donaldson & Guns. If the customer needs advice on firearms or weaponary, the experts at our firm can assist you in the selection. Select modifications, if any: When purchasing from Donaldson & Guns, anything about the firearm can be changed, from the colour down to the type of grip on the weapon. Pay for the firearm: Once the firearm has been crafted, if with modifications, then the customer will pay on the day. No credit purchases can be made unless specified otherwise from a manager or owner. Delivered to any location: Once all transactions have been processed, the firearm can be delivered if the customer would like it delivered. The firearm may also be picked-up from the Donaldson & Guns' store. List of Confirmed Weapons in Identity AK-47: The AK-47 is a selective-fire (semi-automatic and automatic), gas-operated 7.62×39mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union. Even after almost seven decades, the model and its variants remain the most popular and widely used assault rifles in the world because of their substantial reliability under harsh conditions, lower production costs compared to contemporary Western weapons, available in virtually every geographic region and ease of use. Colt M4A1: Throughout the world today, the Colt M4’s reliability, performance, and accuracy provide joint coalition forces with the confidence required to accomplish any mission. Designed specifically for lightweight mobility, speed of target acquisition, and potent firepower capability - the M4 delivers. The M4 can be comfortably carried, yet be instantly available to provide the level of firepower, dependability and accuracy of a 5.56mm rifle. Beretta M9A1: The Beretta M9A1 evolved from the base design of the battle-tested and proven M9 pistol, with input from military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Developed to meet the demanding requirements of the U. S. Marine Corps, the M9A1 incorporates the established reliability and performance of the M9, with added features needed for the ever-changing missions of peacekeeping forces. Glock 21: Remarkable for its accuracy and light recoil, the Glock 21 delivers the legendary stopping power of the .45 Auto round with a 10/13 round magazine capacity. Countless law enforcement units swear by the G21 pistol, and that's why this powerful, lightweight, all climate workhorse is standard issue from the North to South Poles. Benelli M4 Super 90: The Benelli M4 was the first gas-operated shotgun that Benelli manufactured. Weighing in at 7.8 pounds, the latest Benelli M4 tactical shotgun fires a 12-gauge round. With a barrel length of 18.5 inches, the Benelli M4 has an overall length of 40.0 inches. Its high degree of maneuverability and its durability are what make the Benelli M4 a popular choice of military and law enforcement members around the world. Taser: A Taser or conducted electrical weapon is an electroshock weapon sold by Taser International. It fires two small dart-like electrodes, which stay connected to the main unit by conductors, to deliver an electric current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing "neuromuscular incapacitation". Colt Python: The Colt Python is a double action handgun chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge, built on Colt's large I-frame. Pythons have a reputation for accuracy, smooth trigger pull, and a tight cylinder lock-up. Desert Eagle: The Desert Eagle is fed with a detachable magazine. Magazine capacity is 9 rounds in .357 Magnum, 8 rounds in .44 Magnum, and 7 rounds in .50 Action Express. The Desert Eagle's barrel features polygonal rifling. The pistol is primarily used for hunting, target shooting, and silhouette shooting. MP5: Probably the most popular series of submachine guns in the world, it functions according to the proven roller-delayed blowback principle. Tremendously reliable, with maximum safety for the user, easy to handle, modular, extremely accurate and extraordinarily easy to control when firing – HK features that are particularly appreciated by security forces and military users worldwide. AR-15: AR-15 rifles are lightweight, gas-operated, magazine-fed and air-cooled. They fire an intermediate cartridge and are manufactured with extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials. The design splits the rifle into two major components: the lower half, containing the trigger and buttstock and the upper half, which contains the bolt and barrel. This approach allows modular replacement of components. Mosin Nagant: The Mosin–Nagant is a five-shot, bolt-action, internal magazine-fed, military rifle, developed by the Imperial Russian Army in 1882–91, and used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other nations. Career Opportunities CEO: Andrew Donaldson Head of Delivery Services: Undecided Head of Manufacturing: Undecided Head of Security: Undecided Legal Aid: Clout PLLC Law Firm Individual Manufacturers: Undecided Please PM if you are interested in a position at Donaldson & Guns Leave in the comments which design you prefer. Thank you. Design 1: Design 2: Design 3: Design 4: This article is not complete and will continue to be updated. Thanks for reading. Andrew Donaldson CEO of Donaldson & Guns