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Found 4 results

  1. Looking to start a hedge fund once the game opens up, would love to hear thoughts and ideas. If anyone is interested in helping create/manage the fund, or work for the company, please message me. McSexy, CEO McMill Investing, Inc.
  2. Hedge Fund

    Looking to start a hedge fund once the game opens up, would love to hear thoughts and ideas about it. If anyone is willing to help create one or wants to become an investor, please message me.
  3. Global Trust Inc.

    Global Trust Incorporated Global Trust is a multi-industry corporation focused on the manufacturing and finance sectors. The corporation will begin its focus on a supply and demand basis, balancing out the need for certain items and attempting to produce all merchandise from scratch. We're looking to maximize profit for our shareholders and ensure our employees have a stable career path to take off on. (More information to be included)
  4. Global Trust Incorporated Global Trust Inc. is a multi-industry corporation focused on manufacturing and finance. GT specializes in balancing the supply and demand market, and taking advantage of extremely efficient manufacturing techniques to maximize the profit margins. The goal is to begin in manufacturing as soon as possible, and then use the capital to tap into the finance sector as well. Why Global Trust? Many of you may be wondering what Global Trust has to offer, or whether or not you're capable of joining the team. Well, I assure you that we have a position for everyone. Global Trust provided its employees with an extensive list of benefits and bonuses to ensure a positive workplace. What makes Global Trust excel over the other corporations? Global Trust Inc. offers its employees the safest and most stable career path in the community, while allowing plenty of room for growth. We still believe in the concept that if you work hard, it will pay off and you will eventually make it to the top, or in Global Trust's case, the Board of Executives. Employment Application Please answer these questions honestly, thoroughly, and to the best of your ability (and in character). All applications will be considered and voted on by the Board of Executives. Please note that Global Trust Incorporated is an equal opportunity business. We are currently in demand for these positions: Lawyers, general employees (workers), transportation specialists --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Name: Last Name: Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY): Gender (M/F): What do you believe you are most qualified to do here at Global Trust (Position)? What do you believe you have to offer that would be beneficial to the team? Why are you interested in employment at Global Trust? Do you understand that you may be required to take part in an interview to receive a position? Do you understand that violating your contract of employment or the company's policies may result in your removal? Lastly, if you agree to pledge your loyalty to the corporation and its entities, please sign your name here: ___________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you -Jeff Skinner, residing CEO