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  1. *Everything is subject to change *This is new, everything is a concept Welcome to IFM ( Identity Furniture Manufacturers ), at IFM we manufacture top of the range furniture to suit your living needs. We specialize in manufacturing all types of furniture from the mat on your floor to the keyhole on your door. At IFM we do our best to ensure that our customers are fully looked after and are able to purchase the furniture they desire. We give our customers a free 12 month, money back guarantee of any puchase they make above $65. Our main goal is to offer a wide variety of furniture to attract the most amount of customers that we possibly can and give opposing corporations a difficult chance of offering you more. Our Products We will be manufacturing many types of furniture, including but not limited to, beds, carpets, desks, tables, chairs and sofas. Our furniture will have unique designs from the rest of the market and each item will be available in different colors and patterns. Corporation Structure ( And Open Positions ) ( More Positions To Be Added ) C.E.O - 6Shay | Head Of Manufacturing - OPEN Head Of Marketing - OPEN Head Of Security - OPEN | | | Manufacturer (0/3) - OPEN Marketer - OPEN Security Guard (0/2) -OPEN
  2. The I.I.A

    As the game comes closer to release the devs might announce that you can get an award for handing in drugs depending on the type and amount, we will have video proof of our raids so the police know it's not ours and that we aren't trying to sell drugs with a lower risk. Although the Governor might not want to pardon us for raiding properties without a warrant there isn't much we can do about it because most likely warrants will only be able to be given to the police, but the game is still far away and it could change. As I said above if turning in drugs and criminals will get you an award then we would rather do it then sell them ourselves. Although that doesn't prove that we aren't a criminal organisation because we could still be making drugs in a secret location, which we aren't. When the game does release we would allow police to enter any of our properties at any time since the idea behind this is to be a CIA mixed with FBI type organisation ( Identity Intelligence Agency) and hopefully the devs allow organisations to be connected to the police force but I doubt that will happen, if not then we will find another way to help the police force.
  3. The I.I.A

    I'm hoping that Governors are able to remove crimes you committed or something like that.
  4. The I.I.A

    What We Do? Our job at the IIA is to work across multiple servers and gather information about thieves, drug dealers, contract killers, members of illegal groups, gangs, mafias and crime families and many more. As you see from the Hideout section of the Identity forums there are many different gangs and mafias, so we will need all the help we can get to shut them all down. The main difference between us and the police is that we don’t have to follow the law like they do, we can raid properties at anytime and stop whatever illegal activities are going on in there. Although that would make us criminals I’m sure that every citizen would want the same to happen to the drug dealers and murderers of Identity. To sum it all up, we keep gather info about criminals and either give it to the actual police force or handle them or selves. We will know everything about a criminal before raiding his property and turning them in. Where will our money come from? Our money will mainly come from raiding properties that have a lot of cash on them or by taking their drugs and if we can turn them in for a cash award. We will also put well-trained bodyguards up for hire and try to get them hired by the biggest or richest business on the servers we are setup on. Although this will be our biggest problem, I’m sure we will figure out what to do near the full release of the game. Available Jobs Salary will come later on near full release. Director Of The IIA: Overlooks operations, hires new people, decides on what criminal/group/gang/mafia/family to go after. Clearance level 4. Operator: (0/3) The operators organise the files and takes the info that a Special Agent gathers to put it in the right files. They can give Special Agents a target to spy on. Clearance level 3. Classified: Classified job. Clearance level unknown. Special Agent: (0/8): Spies and gathers information on criminals or criminal properties and reports it to an operator. Goes on classified missions. Clearance level 2. Strategic Raid Unit: (0/6): Deployed by the Director to raid a property and take out the criminals inside. Must have very good infiltration skills and trigger skill, you must also be able to work with your teammates. Clearance level 1. Bodyguards: (0/5): Assigned by the Director to protect VIPs. Must be good working with a team and average gun skill. Clearance level 0.
  5. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    Will I be able to buy the beta access to town square when it comes out or will I have to wait for the full release if I dont buy it now?