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  1. Hi

    Been here in the community for a while but haven't made my introductions . Hi im Edward Bourget from Florida, Orlando Nice to meet you everyone
  2. Hello!

    Hi Welcome to the community
  3. would you be able to like press two buttons at the same time and then you could Dab or dance or something like that, would like to do it
  4. does it support gay marriage #totallynotgay
  5. Tv reporter

  6. Tv reporter

    Not at all
  7. Police Vehicles

    Yeah you just see 5 cars of swat coming from the place you where going and you are just like "well better not go there" lol
  8. Tv reporter

    Yeah and you just see a man walking in the streets with their cellphone talking to themselves, would be funny just too funny to watch
  9. Map suggestions

    Thanks m8
  10. Map suggestions

    So there are requirements for joining your server? i hope i pass
  11. Map suggestions

    Omg i like this, would be a new experience for me.
  12. Would you be able to get fat or be really slim or will it be just default size and all that stuff. or will you be able to go to the gym like in different stuff over there and have abs and really strong muscles. would be really cool
  13. Gang

    Holy Moly Herzog-senpai I think we found your's
  14. Gang

    omg this is the happiest day of my life
  15. Gang

    Yes Herzog senpai yes