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  1. Create Your Identity

    Comrade detective, hello
  2. Hello from Russia

    Thank you my friend )
  3. hello from AUS

    Greetings Comrade ! Welcome to Identity community
  4. Hello from Russia

  5. Hello from Russia

    Greatings sir
  6. Hello from Russia

    Ukraine - is good nation , i dont have problem with them
  7. Create Your Identity

    Name: James Pain Age: 45 From (City, Country): Russia Appearance (Body, Face): Long black hair and beard , strong body , small arms . Attire:White shirt with holster and black or red tie (He changes them) , black pants , black strict shoes. Job:Detective Detail of House:Small appartament, with 3 rooms Detail of Car/ Vehicle:None, using the taxi Personality:Rude,Pensive and Single.But have a kind heart Background:His childhood gone in Russia, served in army , later work in police, in 90 emigrated to USA, now , to island identity
  8. Eng. Can we do the revolution and how it will work ? Sorry for my English , Comrades Rus. Сможем ли мы совершить переворот или революцию , против тиранического правительства
  9. Political parties

    I hope , we can do the revolution against ruling partie Sorry for my English,Comrades
  10. Hello , do you make detective job and system ?

    And i hope , they make hitman job
  11. Hello , do you make detective job and system ?

    Detective , this my favorite job , thank you , again (Sorry for my English )
  12. Hello , do you make detective job and system ?

    Omg . thank you so much
  13. Hello from Russia

    Thank you , Comrade
  14. Hello from Russia

    Thank you so much