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  1. forum search tutorial

  2. forum search tutorial

    Sometimes, when I use the search function, nothing happens. Just blank pops up.
  3. What is your concern about Identity.

    I don't give a shit "dude"
  4. What is your concern about Identity.

    That if the game is even gonna come out in the next 10 years.
  5. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums. Hope you make some good friends along the way! ~Luca Santarelli
  6. sarcasm

  7. sarcasm

  8. sarcasm

    The business is full of kids who want to make a farm The politics is full of kids who want to be in the Illuminati True, Crime is full of wannabes Police is full of, well I don't know because I don't bother to go in their
  9. Life after death

    me too. Freeg off randy!
  10. Life after death

    smartest guy in the trailer park
  11. Life after death

  12. Pilot job? Having kids?

    Pilots will just 9/11 everything.
  13. Hey from the Midwest~