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Found 3 results

  1. So Stoked For IdentiyRPG

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm beside myself with excitement to play this totally awesome and real game that must certainly be coming soon. Move aside GTA Online, the boss has arrived! This game is gonna change the way I think about RPGs. I thought I knew what was possible, but this game is going to shatter every concept I have about games in general and also I just can't believe it's so real and is definitely coming no matter what. I personally love how the website is still up and presumably still taking money (gotta get these honest and moral developers paid!) and also I love how real this game is. I'm just so hyped right now I couldn't contain myself, gonna go back to patiently waiting for the next epic dev journal. Keep the hype up boys!
  2. Licensed Cars

    A cool thing would be, if you guys would have licensed cars. i mean real brands. if thats too expensive, maybe try to do it like GTA
  3. Joker here

    My name is Ash Lee , and Ever sense I was little I loved Batman. To be like him I helped people and gave to charity causes and still do what I can. However when I see Identity I love it ! So I decided to be portray Joker. seeing how in every Batman movie they always (despite doing this to Batman) make the Joker really realistic yet not making him loose his charm or characteristics. That's what I want to do in identify and I know everyone is not on board with it but I really could care less, so stop by and say hello! Also as a voice actor one of the first impersonation I learned was joker (Mark Hamill) so I hope there's a lot of voice chat!