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  1. The road to find the worst internet ad

    No Offence meant just though this was funny
  2. Snow Sports ?

    Who Doesn't Like Sledding? Answer: No one
  3. Welcome To The Home Thread of The 37th! The 37th Identity Volunteer Militia (37thIVM) is every citizens dream! We defend your rights so you don't have to! The 37th is committed to protecting peoples communities against the evil doers that seeks to destroy them. We prevent these hoodlums from harming crops, seizing land, and harming YOUR family. Our Goals The 37thIVM's main goal is to protect families and communities from corrupt government officials and criminals. We do this by rallying troops and support from local business owners, wealthy families and individuals that are willing to fight for their rights. Along with protection the militia also provides parties for local communities and will do our utmost to bring the community as much prosperity as possible. Why You Should Join The 37th is always looking for dashing new recruits that want to protect their lands and rights! Along with the provided equipment the 37th offers the opportunity to get in shape, meet new people, and create stronger bonds with your country and community. The IVM has a high influence with business leaders around the community and can provide members with theses leaders contact information if they are looking for employment. If you would like to join you can message PM me or add me on steam: WE HAVE A STEAM GROUP:Steam Group Note: This is a work in progress thread if you have any recommendations please contact me
  4. What will you RP in identity?

    The hard-nosed Major of the local militia force by day and a shady criminal under boss by night
  5. Civil War

    I'd be down for that
  6. Hello From Canada!

    Hello, It appears that I have accidentally backed this game... JK I'm super excited about this game and can't wait until the Beta! -North