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  1. Dear developers what the F**** is going on there

    To be fair, when the whole announcement of 3 modules being released before beta and full release came out, it was pretty clear just how small the first module of the game was going to be. Features were listed and in fact they are present. It’s small, yes. Will it keep people entertained for long? Not likely. It’s a way to get to try early game functions. An optional thing (early access) to get ontop of that. It had taken a really long time admittedly... and that certainly is something that I can’t fully explain. I know the development team is very very small but at the same time it can’t excuse everything.
  2. Unique character names

    For sure something that needs to be changed in the future
  3. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Slow, but not dead. Just had a content update like, 2 days ago. And another one a bit earlier.
  4. Wall mounted tv wont mount the wall

    It’s the result of an odd bug that appeared where all wall mouted items can’t be placed properly on walls. It’s been fixed in the past but when the devs are merging development builds there is a change bugs like that reappear sadly.
  5. wheres the update?

    Most updates seem to be around 700mb I believe. Because of the game's archives having to be rebundled and such (I think). So I am going to make a rough guess that its around that. 700mb-1.5GB would be my best estimate.
  6. wheres the update?

    I mean, its only 9am over where the devs are. Give it some time.
  7. "Hunk Photo Frame" - Uhh, what is this?

    Jade, the main 3D modeler for Identity, joined in on a bit of fun as Motown was collecting art pieces to feature inside of the art gallery. He photoshopped this masterpiece out of a muscular man and Motown's face. Later making it into the game as a little joke prop.
  8. Go the the game’s files>IdentityGame>Saved>Crashes and delete everything in there. Idk why but that folder just gets flooded with logs that take a LOT of space. That might help. Tell me if that helps
  9. Finally Something Done Right!

    It’s nice to read a well thought, kind topic like this. Really, it is. Thank you
  10. Another Rant about time square

    We all wish things could just be finished so that the game is released D: Not a doubt the last task is taking seemingly forever. But it really is someone that can’t be sped up much. It requires the specific apartment mechanics to be build and then revised. Because anything and almost everything will encounter some issue upon first implementation. And even fixing those problems can lead to new issues. I really do want to see the TS module release soon, I think I am speaking for everyone when I say that. But some issues are just way to severe to let slide. When there is potential for the whole server to crash, that needs to be fixed. When some issues arise that heavily limits the usage of game functions, such as apartment customizing, then it is critical to fix before release. I hope to see everything done soon because it is taking long.
  11. I can't link my steam account?

    Been getting a lot of reports today about that. I’m not too educated on the specifics of it but I believe it has to do with the office’s power being out. There were 2 devastating tornados that ran right through the borders of the town and power went out everywhere.
  12. I think it's time to say "Thank you" to the Team!

    Hey there. While one could argue that I am not part of the team development wise, but still moderation wise, I really do just want to take the time and say thank you. For all the kind words said really. I would be lying if I said I never once though about leaving, taking a break, etc. from the game and community. It can be rough! Emotionally especially. So taxing that its almost hard to find a moment to savor amongst all other problems that may lie in between. And reading your message, it touches me. Every day I remind myself that why I come here isn't for moderation or because I am obligated to. Its because even before I joined the Asylum I hung around because I loved the community here. I met some amazing people here. Ones I talk to regularly and even ones I help and support when they might be feeling down. Really, the people just one product (Identity) has introduced me to is incredible and I can never see myself leaving them behind. I want to say it again. Thank you. Because we are all human we he hear every bit of what it said. Sometimes we have to take it personally, and it can hurt. But right now, heh, to be honest I am feeling rather well, and you contributed to that happy feeling. Thank you <3
  13. Getting Keys!

    John, the man who tweeted, is the CEO
  14. Come On... Really?

    Just to clarify. You CAN customize apartments. What was said before was explaining a newer feature that was added. The ability to enter and physically roam every apartment interior ingame. As a way to get a feel for it before purchasing.
  15. Come On... Really?

    Never was it once said you couldn't customize them... You can on day 1 of TS.