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  1. Steam Key Installed Game Not Showing

    This is intentional, it’s just how steam works. Until the game is on the steam store visibly I think it will remain invisible. Though it might not appear until release also. I really don’t know myself. But rest assured, you do have the game on your account. And everyone got an error that looks just like that. It’s because wants to link to auto install, but there is no store page yet
  2. I can't link my steam account?

    Been getting a lot of reports today about that. I’m not too educated on the specifics of it but I believe it has to do with the office’s power being out. There were 2 devastating tornados that ran right through the borders of the town and power went out everywhere.
  3. VIP area

    Only the apartment that comes with said package.
  4. I think it's time to say "Thank you" to the Team!

    Hey there. While one could argue that I am not part of the team development wise, but still moderation wise, I really do just want to take the time and say thank you. For all the kind words said really. I would be lying if I said I never once though about leaving, taking a break, etc. from the game and community. It can be rough! Emotionally especially. So taxing that its almost hard to find a moment to savor amongst all other problems that may lie in between. And reading your message, it touches me. Every day I remind myself that why I come here isn't for moderation or because I am obligated to. Its because even before I joined the Asylum I hung around because I loved the community here. I met some amazing people here. Ones I talk to regularly and even ones I help and support when they might be feeling down. Really, the people just one product (Identity) has introduced me to is incredible and I can never see myself leaving them behind. I want to say it again. Thank you. Because we are all human we he hear every bit of what it said. Sometimes we have to take it personally, and it can hurt. But right now, heh, to be honest I am feeling rather well, and you contributed to that happy feeling. Thank you <3
  5. Getting Keys!

    John, the man who tweeted, is the CEO
  6. Come On... Really?

    Just to clarify. You CAN customize apartments. What was said before was explaining a newer feature that was added. The ability to enter and physically roam every apartment interior ingame. As a way to get a feel for it before purchasing.
  7. Come On... Really?

    Never was it once said you couldn't customize them... You can on day 1 of TS.
  8. Size.

    In terms of gigabyte size, ~11 gigs. In terms of map size, well, it’s the size of a town square. The gameplay streams shown in the past give a good preview of how big it is! In terms of what to do, there are various activities. Home decoration, painting. Karaoke, clothes shopping and customizing, drug using, socializing, chess, movie theater, etc. with more being added later like instruments, phones, the shooting range, and more.
  9. A big mismatch in numbers...

    Kickstarter. I believe there were pledges as small as $1. It didn’t give you anything. But it was a pledge to the game nonetheless. And I believe citizens are just the number of accounts made. Not people with the actual citizen package and up.

    Sadly, there isn’t. Closest thing would be a commodity market.
  11. This is because you already own pretty much every item in the package already save for maybe one item. Packages discount per the items already owned that they include. Purchasing Motorist for the $8 displayed thus will only grant you what you don’t already own that is part of the package.
  12. Prove us wrong Asylum Entertainment [Video]

    Was looked at and fixed. Odd mess up in the system. He was never intentionally banned.
  13. What happened to the custom logo shop item?!?!

    Rest assured! It will be back. Just some visual changes in the works. Not sure when it will show up again, but it will eventually. Anyone who bought it still has it too.