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Found 11 results

  1. So, I did exactly like I wasn't supposed to do and linked my Steam Account to the wrong account. When i got to the Identity website I saw that there was a Facebook login, (which I couldn't remember if that was there when I initially signed up) So, I clicked on it and it logged me in. I couldn't see the Steam Key. It wasn't available. So I spent the day off and on trying to figure out what was wrong and I noticed that my email wasn't set up so, I went to set it up. This email is attached to another account. So, the Facebook method of logging in wasn't there when I signed up long ago and fortunately my browser remembered my login information and I can login into the correct account. Username: JohnDixon Email: Steam account is: BigJD1976 with same email. The problem is that my Steam account is linked to my Facebook login which autopopulated a username John236. Also, this is interesting. I logged into my correct account and it says my Facebook is Linked. So, why didn't it recognize the first time and I wouldn't have my Steam linked to the wrong account? What can I do?
  2. Was I supposed to receive an email about the code, because I didn't get any? I activated the code anyway because I read the annoucements, but I heard that you get an email about the code. Anyone know about this?
  3. Need an Email Change

    I stupidly created my kick-starter and Identity account using a temporary 10 minute email and don't remember why. I need it changed as I am worried that I will not be able to receive a copy of any of the modules or the game itself. I will show you what I can claim at the bottom but my money will be wasted if i cannot access the game. Can anything be done to change the email linked to my IdentityRPG account so my key will be sent to an accessible email? $4,000 Game Cash Beta Access Dozen Random Outfits Founder Hat Passport Sports Car Two Bedroom Apartment Two Car Garage
  4. Changing main account email

    hello! i was wanting to know how to change my account email? not the forum account, the main account i used to buy the upgrade packs and such as its an old email i dont use anymore
  5. Which email is everything sent through?

    So I bought my friend the founder pack through his account with MY paypal. Since the email I use for my paypal and the email my friend uses for his Identity account are different, which email will get all the Identity notifications?
  6. No Dev blog yet for me

    Hello, so I still haven't gotten the dev blog yet even though I pledged about a year ago at this point, while people who've pledged yesterday for example were one of the first to get it. I really need help to figure out if im even on the list anymore since I updated my email on the account last week. I already made sure to check if the check mark next to newsletter is ticked, and checked my spam and my previous email account. Thank you if you are able to help me, this is starting to get real irritating
  7. Changing main account email

    Hello, is it possible to update the currently email on the main identity account? If you can that would be alot of help.
  8. Email Change

    Hi, when I pledged on kickstarter I used an older email address than my current one. My current one is connected to this Identity account (, but I still get Identity emails sent to my older email address. I would like Identity emails sent to my current one from now on. I can message my current and old email address to a higher up if needed.
  9. Email Change

    Hey guys :D. How can I change my email from the account with which I bought Identity?
  10. Real Time Meet markers

    It would be cool if say you could go onto a map via your in-game phone, tablet or PC for that matter and arrange a meeting with someone at a certain time at a certain place, this would give the other player(s) a text message or Email in game whether to accept or deny this or an alternate to this is to reply via a text or Add new location and time. Just a fun little idea of mine, if it has already been posted please remove this
  11. Old Account lost?

    I pledged a little while ago, in 2015, but the account I was using seems to have been deactivated, as it let me use the email it was on to create this account. I wanted to know if there is anyway that pledge can be put onto this account, or if its lost? I have attached the email I got after pledging the money. Any help is appreciated.