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  1. Fix the cinema seats

    Please fix the seats in the cinema hall. When you get on, you are stuck there.
  2. can't turn game on after update

    Same issue.
  3. How do I get to my apartment?

    As the title says. I put my full name into the game (tried Steam name and also tried the character name), but they didn't work. It said it couldn't be found in the hotel elevator. Am I doing it wrong?
  4. So I created my character and then it doesn't do anything. I reloaded my game and this is what it shows. It doesn't do anything. The settings button also crashes the game.
  5. Nominate Identity for Steam Awards!!

    It would be funny to see a game get an award before release.
  6. As the title says... Support the game and the devs. Be a proud Identity player.
  7. The Steam page is UP!

    For some reason, it shows December 1 for me. Is that a bug or not? Didn't lose trust or anything. Just asking Maybe its because I'm in a different time zone?
  8. The Steam page is UP!

    At least its on Steam. The HYPE IS REAL.
  9. The Steam page is UP!

    For all those who had lost faith on the Steam page coming up any time soon: It is up now! Thanks to @Paratus and the rest of the amazing team at Asylum! It's coming and it will be great! Spread the word about Identity. THE HYPE IS REAL >:)
  10. Can we please have some honesty and transparency?

    We are not bots by the devs to spam these sorts of posts with stuff against it incase you believe thats how it is. Be optimistic. #StopBullyingIdentityDevs
  11. I got a Cloudflare error with Identity earlier today. It's fine now. Maybe the devs just added Cloudflare protection today?
  12. Was I supposed to receive an email about the code, because I didn't get any? I activated the code anyway because I read the annoucements, but I heard that you get an email about the code. Anyone know about this?
  13. R u Kiddin us??

    Just gotta squash some bugs. Now developers don't want infinite money bugs if the money can be bought with real life money in their game. Big losses if that happens. Players don't want bugs where you spawn under the map and can't get up either (I'm not saying this is a bug in Identity). Give em some more time. They released the keys so the game is on our accounts as long as we activate it. Chill guys.
  14. Getting Keys!

    Another reason to stop bullying the devs. I just activated mine. The instructions are on the announcements anyways.
  15. Stop the bullying. Please.

    I agree.