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  1. Size.

    I dunno...

    ♫Eight Six Seven Five Three Oh Nine♫
  3. What Will You Guys be Doing in Town Square

    Having browsed and contributed on forums for nearly 20 years now, I do realize sarcasm and facetiousness don't come across in written form. Please understand that I too am interpreting your messages to me in a certain way... however, I have no intentions of calling you out on it. Why? because I am probably wrong. Why am I probably wrong? Because we have established that emotions and attitudes don't transition well into written form. So what I choose to do with my experiences as an established forum-goer is read the messages and if the "feeling" of the message is not clearly established within the message then I choose the "feeling" that comes across to me within the content of the message. Basically, what you said but a bit more elegant. More importantly, I choose not to quibble over the "feeling" of the message or how it was received because it is a huge waste of time... just like this. I am not a game wrecker and when the game is available to play I personally guarantee it will not be ruined for everyone by me. Let us move past this episode of stating the obvious and get back to being chummy cyber entities for no good reason at all. Deal?
  4. What Will You Guys be Doing in Town Square

    No, I was being facetious...
  5. What Will You Guys be Doing in Town Square

    I will be figuring out a way to make the game behave in ways that are advantageous to me. Every game has something going on that was never intended to be done... I want in on that.
  6. Town square info

    I'm just guessing as well and... your not even close. However, I hope you are right!
  7. I wonder how detailed character customization will get. As it is right now, there will be a lot of "twins" walking around. I was slightly disappointed in the female customization at this stage. Admitting they are not the right people to handle the creation and application of "makeup" was nice but, I got the impression it was not important to them. The bra straps clinging to the body curves was another noticeable issue for anyone who cares to make a female character. All in due time, I suppose. Please don't goof up female characters like Rust and some many others did. Please make it a priority when it matters.
  8. It looked nice. I need to keep my expectations in check. I want to be critical...and I think they will need that when they are ready to tweak things in the future.

    I had a good time waiting for the reveal. I was being a clown in the chat. It was the only way I could enjoy the situation. I really wanna see some more tables...
  10. Town Square Release Date

    Seeing as this is just for fun, I will be a bit less bold and temper my guess along with my expectations and say June 4th. The Steam Summer Sale will be just around the corner from that date... does anyone think that could affect the launch of the module in any way? Not worried, just curious to hear your thoughts on the subject.
  11. Who is still here?

    I mean back when I did talk on the forums it was all very much the same topics over and over again. I grew tired of it so I stopped participating. I am still here to answer your original question...
  12. Who is still here?

    I have been lurking for a months now. I stopped participating because most everything has been repetitive.
  13. -

    I go on vacation starting March 2nd. I hope to get some time in before I go MIA for 4 days.
  14. Upcoming Q&A with the Asylum Team

    Thanks for posting this. I was sad when I was told it was fake. Now I am unsad. Lol.
  15. Who wants to be friends

    Count me in! Not too certain how many of my gaming friends will be into this. For all I know I could be bringing my own entourage...