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  1. Yeah exactly... he's a YouTube kind of like PowerGaming7 who posts updates on the game.
  2. Personally, although I like his content, I just feel like The Dynasty doesn't know much about RP works and how important realism within is. Does anyone else agree that Identity is not for him? No hate on the guy it's just the way he talks about the game...
  3. PS4 H1Z1 anyone?

    I was just wondering if anyone on the forums plays the PS4 version of H1Z1 Battle Royale. Currently it's free and I need more people to play the game with as most people are playing fortnite instead. If you'd want to add my PSN here it is: TZF_NecroBlade. I mainly play H1Z1, PES18, COD WW2 and Titanfall. Please leave some opinions on H1Z1battle Royale PS4.
  4. most violent game

    Manhunt is not the most violent... Have you seen hatred... Jesus!
  5. New Fallout?

    New Fallout is going to be Fallout vault 76. It has a trailer now and everything.
  6. what guns would you people like to see in ?

    i would definitely love to see a glock in the game
  7. Police

    What I mean is... I am giving HIM promotion
  8. Police

    I never said he can...
  9. Police

    No free promotion for him... He's running for governor so giving HIM free promotion as in his campaign...
  10. Police

    Nothing... Just free promotion.
  11. Police

    Yeah why not, as long as Mr. Times is governor!
  12. Who is still here?

    You mean running for governer or something else? Sorry I might of misunderstood you
  13. Who is still here?

    Looking good!
  14. Who is still here?

    Any support recently for becoming that man to lead us?