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  1. Alright, I'm out.

    When you have hundreds of people constantly riding your ass to produce something they can see or else they’ll request a refund, then you have no choice. You say that it’s currently your top priority so people will relax. Have everybody continue to do their job and take time making the video because that shit isn’t important right now. And then release it and have everybody complaining about it anyways. This game was announced three years ago. It takes soooo much time to make a game. Even if it’s a 2D game or a game like Minecraft. It takes time. UI, Animation, Models, Graphics, Bug Fixing and then actually creating the things they promised is hard as all hell, especially when half the community is yelling at them threatening to take their funding away from them. You knew what you were getting into when you donated. You knew that they said everything was a work in progress and doesn’t represent the final game. Leave them the hell alone, let them make the game they wanna make. Don’t pressure them to release shit for you if you’re just gonna shit on it. You’re lucky they show you anything at all. Stop complaining
  2. Super Power Game

    Person Aboves Limit: Control dreams but only when they are having nightmares. My Power: Immortality
  3. Fallout

    I’ve been a fan of the series for a while and always thought most of the lore within the games were amazing. Fallout and Fallout 2 stand out the most to me. The stories within the main game and the depth of all the characters and locations makes you feel immersed. Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 never had the same feel for me. New Vegas had a really interesting story but the Fallout 3 engine ruined it for me. If y’all have a favorite fallout moment post it man.
  4. Let's Build a Future Together

    2043: After the world rebuilt from the devastation that was Cthulhu, a new way of life sprouted.

    I’m no South Korean but my dad fought in Korea. I guess that makes me 0000000.2% Korean. But my dirt bike is made in China.

    I work executions.
  7. Join My Cannibal Cult And Let's Eat The Cult Below This Thread

    Well can I jump over the dead bodies with my dirt bike? I’ll call it “The Most Death Defying Jump.” And while I’m about to reach full speed set them on fire. I’ll jump over anything for 10$
  8. Bojack “High Flying” Hootananny

    “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.” -Ric Flair -Shawn Michaels -Bojack Hootananny 2018

    I remember this one time when I was hunting I got so fucked up on shine that me and my buddy were standing there pissing in a creek, I seen a deer across that son of a bitch and took out my bow and shot him and I missed. I fell into the creek and got soaked. My friend was laughing at me and I got pissed because fuck you help me up. He said that we weren’t hunting, I was drunk, it’s mid July and I just fell in my own piss.
  10. Identity TV (IDTV)

    My name is Bojack Hootananny and I’m a professional stuntman, wrestler and maker of delicious deer jerky. I ain’t saying I’d make a good stunt show but you show me one man that’s willing to get fucked up for entertainment
  11. Bojack “High Flying” Hootananny

    My name is Bojack Hootananny. I like to consider myself a slack of entrees. On the weekends I’m a Professional Wrestler and I ain’t afraid of no heights. One time I was in a hot air balloon and my pecker got stuck hangin out and I fell out. But my true passion is being a stuntman. I’ve been jumpin shit since I was bout ten. Jumped over Old Man Huckncuck’s fat ass wife while she fell down with my bike. And the only reason he whooped my ass is because I left tire marks on her stomach. After that I started jumpin crazier shit.. like two fat ladies instead of one. And I started charging people to see me get fucked up. Once I got paid 50$ to fight a bear. Stupid idiot didn’t know that I’ve read all the Winnie The Pooh books at least halfway through. I also fought a cougar that is now my lifelong friend who has literally eaten a Morman in front of me. This is a house of God and we don’t want no Fishmen coming over. I like to hunt too but what strapping southern boy doesn’t? Fishing is cool and I think that Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is the saddest documentary I’ve ever seen. Peace out y’all
  12. Who Would Politicians Pick?

    I believe I could be most similar to Bill Clinton. Aside from his scandal/allegations he was set right in between the Bush family and had extreme knowledge on how to make America a country who can lead. He proposed a lot of acts that were scoffed at during his run but now have weight to them. And because of doobies.
  13. Henry Garner

    Feel free to ask any questions regarding my position. I'd love to answer them to the best of my abilities
  14. Henry Garner

    UPDATE: I am starting to look for a campaign team. And if I can't bring that together that's fine. But I would like to bring together a team for our government. Meaning our own version of the IRS and people to help control money.
  15. Henry Garner

    Thank you very much.