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  1. Identity Devs & Community, @Paratus, @Motown As I grow more and more excited for parts of the game to be complete I must know if these elements will be included in the final game. 1. Will you be able to make alcoholic beverages such as brew beer in your purchased house? 2. Your goal is to get 100-300 players per server how many buyable houses do you plan to have on the map? 3. What is included in the Town Square Module? I've seen picture of guns and I don't think that that is in the Town SQ am I right? 4. How many cars do you plan to make. just a generic SUV, Sedan, & Sports Car or will there be multiple? 5. Will there be like a Bazaar or market where players can rent a small space to sell their items on a smaller scale? Thanks!
  2. Hi all! @Paratus and @Motown what are some ways of attaining illegal weapons such as an M4A1 or MP5. Or other guns that the SWAT would have. You have to attain it while being a civilian or criminal.
  3. SWAT Questions

    @HairyGrenade, Will there be different or same HQ for SWAT and Police.
  4. SWAT Questions

    As long as it could be added in the future and isn't a strong no like snipers than, YAH.
  5. SWAT Questions

    Thanks @HairyGrenade. Riot Shields Would be interesting to have. Also Water Cannons?
  6. Hi, My questions about the SWAT in-game: 01. Will they be given Riot Shields and Bulletproof Vest? 02. Will there be a indoor gun range in the SWAT/Police headquarters? 03. Will there be an armory for hey SWAT/Police, so they can choose what weapon they want Like between a Desert Eagle or a Beretta M9? 04. Will there be different Headquarters for SWAT/Police, if not will there be different armories or clearance levels in the armory for different weapons. @Motown, @LuckyDuck, @JamesLuck01, @HairyGrenade any answers?
  7. I was asking if you could steal them if said you broke into the Police Precinct.
  8. Spike Strips

    This would be interesting to know, but how would it function? Would a player have to tell another player to get the spikes or would they just appear after the cop called them in, also how would the tire pop animation work?
  9. Hi, Not sure weather this should go under "The Precinct" or "Tourism Q & A" so i put it here since it's a question. Will there be a secret investigation agency in identity (Like James Bond or Mission Impossible)? Also, Is there any confirmed police structure, @Motown/@JamesLuck01? I was also wondering if you could say steal from the SWAT an MP5 or M4A1? Would this be possible, but very hard or not possible at all.
  10. WEED SHOP?

    Y? (From now on @HomerSimpson let's PM Ok?)
  11. WEED SHOP?

    Ok. As I said:
  12. WEED SHOP?

    What the? At first I was like ok, now I'm like WT.
  13. WEED SHOP?

    You do what you want do and I do what I want to do. Ok?