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  1. [IPO] June 2018 Poll

    If you would like to be entered into the Identity Political Organization's June 2018 poll, please comment your Party and Candidate below. The poll will open on the 1st of June and close on the 31st at 11:59PM (GMT+6). Please post as follows; PARTY NAME - CANDIDATE Thank you all, and hopefully this can incite some interesting debate. Remember to join the IPO discord to engage in discussions with the public and the candidates!
  2. Just an update, we are aware of our image on the first page not working. We are currently in the process of releasing some new marketing changes for ASC. Stay tuned for more information or join our Discord!
  3. I think you have misunderstood the services we provide. We exist to keep our clients out of trouble. If our client willingly attempts to endanger themselves, it is the responsibility of our personnel to remove them from the situation, not inflame it. Our personnel will not engage other people without threat to their lives or the client's lives. We do not "assault" or "execute" people. We provide security solutions to safeguard the lives of our employees and clients.
  4. IPO Debate Information

    The debate is being postponed by 1 hour to 1PM EST for logistical reasons.
  5. Unified Party

    Ah ok, so then make sure you attend so that you can ask live questions and see which politician shares your views.
  6. IPO, The Identity Political Organization. We hope to see you in our first verbal debate!
  7. Unified Party

    @SupremeLeader @DLimit This sounds like something to be settled in the First IPO Debate! I hope to see you both there. Visit our thread for more info.
  8. Identity Political Organization

    Please note that all politicians will be required to speak for themselves or provide a representative to do so during verbal debates. Our Moderators will not speak for any candidate, as they are a 100% neutral party in the debate, and will not present any side. Thank you for understanding! All Things Political, IPO
  9. Identity Political Organization

    Calling all Political Parties and Politicians! The Identity Political Organization is a new merge of some private individuals and The Identity Party Data Service. This new Organization hopes to cover All Things Political in the world of Identity. What we do: Political Interviews Debates Polls And this is just to start! We invite all Individual Politicians and Political Parties to join our Discord server, which can be found at The requirements for becoming a registered Politician with us is that you have aForum post, and give a basic outline of what you stand for, nothing more. Members of the Public, non-politicians, are invited to join and ask questions of the Politicians and Parties present on our Discord. We hope to see you all there and to see some interesting political debates and discussions occurring!
  10. This sounds like a disagreement that could be settled in a debate! @LuciousTimes, @MauriceClinton, @BrianHamilton, I hope you all will attend the upcoming debate being run by myself, @Identity_Party_Data, @JoelKeys, and @DrivenMuffin. We hope to see you all debating the most important topics to the people of Identity. More information to come soon.
  11. Updated Polls

    Thank you!
  12. Updated Polls

    I understand what you are trying to say, but you can't simply remove someone from a poll because their competitors complain about them. A different analogy would be a referee of a sports game ejecting a whole team because their opponents complain that they do not play the "right way". I don't get what justifies the parties being allowed to eliminate a potential candidate. In the real world you can't eliminate a candidate because he isn't serious enough. Imagine they had removed Trump from the ballot because Hillary Clinton said he wasn't a serious politician, it just isn't realistic at all.
  13. Updated Polls

    I was not trying to be offensive, apologies if I was. I just don't understand how you can call this a serious poll if you remove a political party because you receive complaints from their competitors. How is that in any way serious? If they decide to run and people start voting for them, you cannot stop them from running or prevent them from winning because their competitors start complaining about them. That would be like the moderators removing all the other Security Firm's posts in the business thread because I complain about them not being as serious as I am about the game. You have a lot of power here, and I appreciate what you are doing with it, I think this will go far.
  14. Unified Party

    Bravo to you man for putting up with that, I respect you man. I would have told them where to put it and walked away. Good on you for sticking to it!
  15. Updated Polls

    You added them 12 hours ago and the poll still has 4 days left. I don't see how that is "almost over". This polling service so far seems to be as unbiased as the Russian Media when discussing Putin. If anyone is looking for a fair and unbiased representation of the Identity Political Spectrum, this does not seem to be the place to go.