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  1. Favorite game of 2018?

    Do you intend on ruining our eyes or do you think this looks cool?
  2. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    About goddamn time lol, proud of you guys for finally doing it, even though we been promised like 100 times with different release dates. On a side note, how many years you guys think till we get the second module?
  3. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    Well then damn guess that server has a crime problem. Recruit more simple lol
  4. Identity TS launch party?

    IFFFFFFF it even comes out this year.
  5. Kidney

    Yea let me just eat a kidney real quick for some health. But seriously, I would definitely become a part of the organ market.
  6. Open world fire fights and SWAT

    Lol never heard of bit he's..
  7. Luprano Family

    I, Carmine Abramo, pledge my allegiance to the Luprano Family.
  8. I must say, I am MORE than impressed with your designs and business model. Good work man!
  9. Roberts's Homes

    Yes, I'm pretty sure you are correct. You can only own one house per player.
  10. lol Nah I created Orbis Transportation, which has since been removed.
  11. Human Hunters

    Most servers will also know that as long as the person who hires the hitman has a legitimate reason to be mad and want him dead then it is technically roleplay as long as the hitman lets him know why he was killed.
  12. Human Hunters

    Well, if its really $10,000 in real life, then in Identity it should be pretty close to that seeing as the economy will be based on the real USD economy.
  13. Binary 666 Gang Sign

    Lol, maybe. Sounds like a kinda funny idea. Just see people running around high off drugs throwing up gang signs
  14. Why we having an uprising and the game hasn't even been released yet for us to be tricked by our greedy rulers? lmfao just my thoughts.
  15. Immigrant Checking In

    Welcome to the forums! We usually don't bite!