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  1. Sounds good mate; so the specific activities may need some hashing out, what's your take on the general concept?
  2. Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Hi future friends! I hope you are well. Here's a friendly greeting from Ontario, Canada! As your typical Canuck, I have a maple syrup addiction, live in an igloo, say "eh" far too often for my own health and drive a dogsled to and from work. Riggght? Yeah not so much. Jokes aside, I've been gaming since I was knee high to a grasshopper, with extensive experience in large multi-game communities and experience working for a large game developer (Ubisoft) - I'm super passionate about helping people and coaching folks. I'm a big fan of quality community and great games that give you the flexibility to do what you want the way you want naturally when I discovered Identity today I decided to create an account and say hello! So...hello! Other games I play actively are Sea of Thieves and Star Citizen. Good times. Looking forward to getting more involved with the development of Identity and seeing where this wonderful journey shall take us! Thanks and have a great day! Anvil
  3. Hi there, I would like to suggest a new class of corporation: Municipal Services Municipal Service Corporations are the organizations that keep the heart of our towns and cities beating. From waste collection to landscaping to snow removal to road maintenance to graffiti removal to operating public transit buses, there's a wide range of activities (government-generated jobs) that could be created for players to participate in to help upkeep the space, particularly in towns and cities. Areas that are better maintained or operated will present better and get higher ratings (meaning renewal of contracts and performance bonus payouts) while areas that are less maintained, neglected, or poorly operated (ie bus is always late, etc) will result in disincentives levied against the corp and reflect a less up-kept neighborhood. This could even be tied into careers (policing) and gangs, where areas that are less well maintained may have higher crime rates, need more police presence, etc while areas that are better maintained are the inverse. It can also be that depending on the performance of the corps at providing municipal services, neighborhoods that are slummy can be made nice and neighbourhoods that are nice, if neglected, can fall into a state of disrepair. This could affect property values in the area. Lots of spinoff's coming from this. The corp would specifically focus on providing a variety of municipal services and subcontract jobs to players or hire players in careers to run the corp and conduct the work (think; job to remove graffiti vs career as a transit professional) - given enough development, you could even involve municipal service companies in constructing infrastructure expansions (new bridges, roads, power plants, water treatment, dams, wind turbines etc) that help make a city or town more sustainable, which could in turn allow for further expansion. Perhaps they have to clear the land and lay municipal hookups (gas, hydro, electricity, etc) in order to open a new block of homes. In this ways, players involved with municipal service corps would quite literally help to develop the game (within the design direction and limits chosen by you the developer of course )