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  1. Suggestion - Clothing/Possibly Vehicles

    Thanks for the read, though I wasn't referring to any model changing, just the texture customization that APB has. I probably butchered the wording I was at work. The models aren't user created, I'm not entirely sure how the system works but they all use the same model, say for example a t-shirt that is being customized, or a pair of boots just with different layers of textures that a player can create through an in game system, which is almost identical to the system used when you draw art on a canvas in-game, only with shirts and such. But agreed about the moderation part, else there'd be some serious monstrosities for sale.
  2. (Link to zoom into the picture) Due to my post flagging up for some reason, I have had to submit the text as images. This has unfortunately resulted in a drastic loss of image quality. I have read the FAQ's and am still unsure of how extensive clothing design will be so here is my suggestion.